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For Sale: Platform Mounting Class by Jim Miller


MGF, Master Grumble Framer
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Jan 10, 2014

Platform Mounting Class by Jim Miller - Online Class

Live class will be held on: March 2nd, at 3 pm NYC time.

Instructor: Jim Miller

Purchase here:

$10 off for first 72 hours with coupon code: FRAMERS

This gives you access to rewatch the video unlimited times for an entire year. You can use the recording to train your employees as well unlimited times for a year. You also will gain access to the private group for this class where you can ask questions that get directly answered by Jim Miller.

After your have paid, go to this link to join the live class.

Platform mounting may be your most useful mounting method for typical paper items. It is fast, non-invasive, completely reversible, compact, very cost-effective, and minimally risky because no adhesives are used in direct contact. The mounted item can be easily removed & replaced, too.
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