Plastic problem


PFG, Picture Framing God
Jul 10, 1999
Howards retired
We said we would put an extension on the back of a piece of plexi-type stuff that has a picture in it. It appears to be a single unit (pic and plastic). We rigged an acrylic square rod with 2" of wood painted the color of their walls, and today we used what I was sure would fuse the acrylic rod and the panel. It is the stuff that you dribble on to fuse the panels when making acrylic boxes. It is either no good (does it have a shelf life?) or the panel with the pic isn't acrylic. In which case, what would be the adhesive of choice?
For the Magic Acrylic Solvent Welding Stuff (I'm home and don't have a can of it in front of me) to work, both surfaces must be REALLY REALLY smooth.

Otherwise, Gorilla Glue claims to bond nearly anything to anything (including most lastics.)
How interesting! I said Gorilla Glue and Roger said Epoxy. Darn, I hate it when he is right all the time. Now to figure out how to spread it all within the 5 min open time the label states....