plastic frame cement


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Mar 25, 2004
Tampa, FL
hi all---
I had someone come in last night with a broken( in shipment, in 3 places) frame, once holding a mirror(aprox 21"x29"} that was purchased somewhere overseas-guy's in the service, made by the mirror part of the Hyundia corp in Korea(who knew they did things other than those little cars???).
The point is, the thing is "PLASTIC"--a very porus/"foamy" consistency & yellowish color on the inside.
I tired internet, to get a line on the mirror part of the Co.--no joy. I tried using "WELDON #16" cement for acrylic(I use that on Delta's plastic frames--please, no lectures on that one) -- had absolutely NO effect on this stuff. any suggestions as to just what nasty gunk I could try????

thanks for the input

Bill Ward
False alarm!!!!! The guy just called up and cancelled his request to try to fix this thing. do I hear an AMEN???