Plastic bags for mats

Nancy S.

Sep 22, 2004
I need plastic bags to wrap mats that range in size from 8x16 to 8x40. I have been cutting the clear plastic resealable bags (available from United Mfrs.) in half and folding over and taping the long side…very slow, and a lot of waste.

I do not want to use shrink wrap…been there, done that. Everything else I have is in the clear plastic bags and I want to keep the look uniform. :cool:

Anyone know of sources for odd-sized high-clarity plastic bags, or perhaps plastic sleeves that come on rolls?

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Thanks for the links, I will check out the companies to see if they have a solution. This is really a huge problem for me right now. It just shouldn’t take longer to wrap a mat than it does to cut it.

Jerry, shrink wrap and I just never worked and played well together. I tried it for a long time. When I first started using the plastic bags, it was love at first…well, you get the picture- no pun intended. :D

Framerguy, check out if you’re the curious type. You can read about the historical significance of our little city’s name. And just so you know, I was pulling for you during all the storms of late.

Thanks again for the help, and for the welcome. I have corresponded by e-mail with Betty Newman. The world needs more Betty Newman’s. She encouraged me to participate. And Dermot’s recent post 'lurkers and readers' gave me a nudge, too. He seems like a really nice guy.

I looked and looked but, alas, I fear, I will be splitting bags for another year!!!

Oh, that was bad!!

Thanks again for the

And Bill Henry, I know you were just kidding me. ;) I have blond hair, I'm used to it.

The little Graemlins are really neat. I think this little guy is my favorite.
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Try Uline Page 76 Fall Winter catalog
#S-3088 8" x 40"- 1000 per carton = 96.00
#S-1441 8" x 16"- 1000 per carton = 37.00
Frame Lady, thanks so much for making me try again. I called Uline this morning and they are sending me samples and a catalog.

I looked at Uline before, per Jerry Ervin's suggestion, but I thought the bags or tubing would not be clear enough or heavy enough.

The person I talked to at Uline was very helpful and made me realize that I may have dismissed the product too quickly.

The crystal clear bags that I am now using spoil you quickly. But the long mats that I am trying to find wrapping for are just empty mats when they are sold. Perhaps I can forfeit a little clarity for ease of use.

Thanks again
I received the poly tubing from Uline today. I think it may work. If so, it will be a breeze to use.

Uline sure was quick in sending the samples.
It was two months ago today that I asked for help in finding a solution to my mat wrapping problem.

The poly tubing cut the wrapping time by more than half.

Thanks to all that responded.

Have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving.


2 months and 26 posts later, you have become a true Grumbler!! (And a happy camper from the sound of your last post!)

It is very rare that a framer can't find an answer to their questions here on one of the forums. That is the beauty of the Grumble. There are so many knowledgeable people here who want to share their backgrounds with others.

And thanks for the thoughts during our season of storms down here. You may well have caught some of the tail end of these storms up in TN so I hope that all went well for you too. I was blessed in that there was little loss for me but there are many thousands of people who still don't have a home in which to spend the holidays nor do some of them have any hope of rebuilding in some areas. I heard on the news just this morning that they opened one lane eastbound of the I-10 bridge going over Escambia Bay which was closed as a result of over a mile of reinforced concrete sections being washed/blown into the bay during Ivan.

We opened the westbound lanes of Rte. 98 last week on Okaloosa Island between FWB and Destin after they had been completely washed away for over a mile by the hurricane. There have been so many heart touching stories of people coming down here to help that I am amazed by them! It is very uplifting to see so many people pulling together to rebuild and get back to normal.


I think that all of us in the US were affected by the hurricanes. That is one of the things that I love about our country. We disagree and argue and make our point but, like family, we band together when the going gets tough, and we join together when the fight is over.

A good case in point is our recent presidential election. So much finger pointing and shouting by each candidate, so many citizens firmly on one side or the other. But it's over now and most of us will work together for the good of all. We are truly blessed here.

I continue to wish you well and think often of the state that I was born in. And I also think of all the ones that were affected as the monster storms washed across the ocean.

As for us in Tennessee, we were pretty beaten up too. But not to any extent you were. And White House was spared this time around.

Thanks for your post. I truly appreciate it. I'm still very much a newbie here. It is nice when someone responds. If people were put into food catagories, I would probably be a marshmallow. I'm pretty sensitive. Thanks for being a good guy!!