Plasma tv frame mounting?


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Apr 8, 2004
Hi all,

I have done a couple tv's in the last year and have had two of them come in this week.

I was wondering what others do to attach the frame tightly to the television.

In the past I just got very lucky when the frame sat over a ridge in the tv edge.

I don't want any adhesives because of the heat these things give off I think it will eventually fail.

What do you think?
Will the televisions hold magnets? If so, you could countersink earth magnets into the frame and "plant" the frame on. I don't know what the outards of plasma screens are made of.
Take care when using magnets near electronics, lest you suffer from unintended consequences.
oh, what we learn from this board.
Any advice if it is already on the wall?

I prefer not to take it down. I don't mind playing around with the wires on the back of my tv but these things cost more than my first car.
I second the offset clips- and if you don't want the clips to scratch the tv, you can coat it with that latex paint that's used for coating..just make sure the offset clips are about 1/8 inch larger than the space needed and it should work out fine.

You can put the clips on the top of the frame and on the sides and just slide it right over the top.
Aha! I just did one of these! I used offset clips and like Belinda said, left a gap for some kind of protection. Instead of using a latex paint coating I used my United Clear Bumpons. Even if the adhesive from the bumpon fails on the metal surface of the clip, it still holds tight against it and won't let go.

Btw, the customer was VERY happy with this setup. ;)
"don't want to scratch the TV"? :eek:

who cares about the dumb plastic TV... they are never going to look back there again...untill the bigger one. :D

JB.. how about a reverse z-bar? and just hang it off the top?
Thanks everyone, The Grumble comes through again!
I've never done a TV, but just to ask, are you folks talking about attaching the frame to the TV set? Why do that? Why not just have them mount the TV on the wall as usual, then hang the frame (built out to the proper depth, and with ventillation provided for) directly to the wall behind it with security hangers?
DVieau2, You need a filler frame behind the face frame to fit over the unit like a box. Offsets won't really be seen.

Rick, I don't want to be on the hook if an overheating situation occurs, even with venting some of the original tv venting may be blocked and I don't want to replace one of them. Also it is easier to base the frame on the tv than it is to have to take into consideration the edge of the tv distance to the wall. Most of my tv frames use fillets to fill the space from the edge of the screen to the frame so no plastic tv face is not visible. This would be much more difficult with having to then add the wall distance into the equation.

Currently I think I am framing more tv's, mirrors, jersies and cork boards than I am artwork with mats.

Not complaining ... just gotta love a business like this.
Yeah, I can see where you don't want to melt the customer's TV.
:eek: Rick
So does anyone have photos of framed TVs you could post? I'd love to see what you used and how they worked out. I know someone's going to call me about doing this one of these days. Also, what has your typical charge been for this type of job? How do you figure house calls for measuring and installation into the price?
Maybe I’m missing something, but wouldn’t a frame which covers a TV also cover the sensor input for the remote control? If you put a frame around the TV wouldn’t that eliminate the ability to change channels?
Originally posted by Bill Henry:
Maybe I’m missing something, but wouldn’t a frame which covers a TV also cover the sensor input for the remote control? If you put a frame around the TV wouldn’t that eliminate the ability to change channels?
Actually that's what I discovered when I was playing with idea of going the Plasma framing way.

I realized the frame would frequently cover the controls and that would open a can of worms and be a source for headaches.
Rick, I've been wanting to see pictures also... before I post mine. (Wrapping a monitor for Vegas show).

Bill, it all depends on the TV. A regular TV is a complete unit and has a tuner built in....

Most of the newer Plasmas and HDTVs are "Monitors"... as in Rob's link in other thread.
And even most Monitors have their controls in the front.... These are all driven by a "Tuner/Amp/Control" unit, which some now even contain the DVD/CD/VCR drive, for a single unit, instead of the old "Stack".

I went through 32 monitors at Fry's to find the only 17" that had all of the controlls on the backside.

I think these new "Framable" Panasonics use a "on screen" adjusting only.
About remote issues,

For me the same company that handles the installation also puts a sensor near the tv for the remote to work.

The item is smaller than the size of a pencil eraser and actually picks up the remote signal better than the original sensor. It hides easily and even if you look for it you can't easily find it.

It was a concern of mine in the beginging as well.
Hmmmm, this thread sounds like a great topic for a framing magazine article. Has one been written? Honestly I don't watch tv much, and don't know the new innovations that have come about in the past few years. (I can tell you plenty about the latest in CMCs though!) I certainly would like to learn more about framing these tvs so maybe one day...I might have time to watch one!

PFM did a somewhat brief and not to in depth article within the last few issues about it.

Basically it called the practice a nice money maker but was way short on how to.
There is definitely a good potential for framing business expansion with Plasma / HDTV, etc.

An article about this subject (how to, what to look for, what to avoid, etc), would be really great.
I finally have to do one of these. I'm not too happy about it.

What do you see when you look at the finished project from the side? Does the frame go all the way to the wall? I'm thinking it must or it would look like butt. Anyone got any pics by now?

I don't like this, no sir, don't like it one bit.
A few weeks ago, Baer posted framed pictures one of those babies. They were a couple of very illustrative pictures (frame and liner too!).

I am not sure what thread it was located in because my search results don't show his post.

Baer, where on earth did you hide those great pictures you posted??..
Originally posted by johnny:
...What do you see when you look at the finished project from the side? Does the frame go all the way to the wall?...
I haven't had the pleasure of framing a plasma TV yet, but I think heat build-up and ventilation would be issues if you extend the frame clear to the wall.

For attachment of frame to TV, how about rigging some stong, thin-profile, clear straps on both sides, like you were putting a backpack on it? Would clear film straps work?
I was sure there would be ventilation issues as well, but then was confused because don't they recess these things into the walls sometimes? What about the ones that are recessed with mirrors covering the face? There has to be no ventilation.
Easy Paul. You don't have to yell... I was in de sposed for a minute.

It's right here

When they stick them in the wall [especially plasma because they pump out a whole lot more heat], they have to provide a heat escape and air intakes. The best ones I have seen even provided twin computer fans to pump air in and out of the cavity. Intake was at floor level and exit was at ceiling.