Plaques scratching plexi?

Mike LeCompte CPF

MGF, Master Grumble Framer
Jul 20, 2005
Knoxville TN
We're doing a rather large 40 X55 or so piece for Christmas for a corporate customer with about 25 photos with nameplates beneath each photo, some images of their various sites etc etc. I had thought of mounting the brass plaques for each photo on the top mat with ATG and that's that. My employee seems tofeel, though, that these plaques will easily scratch the UV plexi we're using.

Now it's no big deal cutting the additional 25 openings to put the nameplates on the backing board and have them "sunk" in the piece like the photos. Using triple mats so they woldn't begin to touch the plexi.

BUT--is the plexi that easy to scratch? And because we use Wizard, time is not a big issue, altho of course customer will pay for the additional 25 openings.

Suggestions or ideas, please
Originally posted by Paul N:
How about raising the plexi a bit with a spacer??
Using a piece of acrylic sheet that large needs some support behind it. I have had bad luck in the past on a piece about that size 'warping' in when using frame space. It was the .118 and I can only imagine the problem would be even more severe using the .098 thickness.

And Mike, yes the acrylic will scratch that easily. I would really consider sinking the plaque into an opening. I try to always do that even when using glass.
If its no problem cutting the extra openings,I think I would sink the nameplates. Just think they would look better .Unless your plexi is different to ours, yes it does scratch easily.
Also I'm not sure ATG would hold for long.
Plexi can be scratched by just looking at it for an extended period of time. Recess the name plates at least one mat board or put a spacer mat between the mat board and the work. It may give a nice shadow effect to offset the work and the name plate. One thickness may not be enough; proximity my be scratchy.

Jack Cee
Mike, just the heat, cool cycle will cause the plex to shrink and swell on that size a full 1/8".

That movement will result in a small fog of scratches at the edge of each plaque.

Cut the mats and charge.
I use a much stronger glue than ATG on plaques though, merely because it dries out and will usually drop the plates over time.
OK you guys convinced me. Will "sink" the plaques. Very important commercial account and don't want the chance to mess it up. And yes, we're backing with gatorboard or 1/4" sintra or some such. So support will be there.

thanks to all for the advice

You might want to consider using Abrasion Resistant acrylic. AR/2 is coated on both sides and would allow you to mount your plaques and not worry about scratching. Also your customers office or house cleaners won't be able to scratch the finished frame either. It cost more than regular but is worth the price for the protection. It's called AR2OP3. Just a thought.
Lois: many thanks. Totally forgot about the abrasion resistant variety. Use it a lot altho obviously this time forgot about it.

Many thanks for reminding me. Charging extra for the acrylic is les than charging for additional openings for the plates, plus less time consuming.

Again, thanks