Plaques - "level or stagered?"

5th corner

CGF II, Certified Grumble Framer Level 2
Aug 23, 2005
Hi Guys,

Just did a job with 4 magazine covers of different heights.

Does one put the plaques all in line with the lowest cover on the bottom of the mat or do you stager them same distance below each cover or do you center vertically each one in space.

Thanks Sam.
If the overall layout is what I'm thinking, I would probably stager them the same distance below each cover.
Is this a trick question!!

Seriously - I just did a housecall for a customer and she had an interior decorator in and had asked her about hanging her framed pieces of varying sizes and shapes. The decorator recommended that she line all of them up at the bottom edge.

That is so funny - since there are probably 4 choices:

1 - all lined up at top edge
2 - all lined up with centers
3 - all lined up with bottom edge
4 - random or staggered

None are right or wrong - it's a design/eye thingy!! Which look do you prefer?

I would have to ask you this about your specific project: are they all in one frame? Lined up 4 across? Or separate frames? Or am I completely offbase!?

Each spaced the same distance from its corresponding cover seems like the best way to relate them visually.

Roz, did your client take that designer's advice? I think that way would be the most distracting of all.