Pixit Feedback??


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Aug 29, 2004
Is anyone out there using Pixit for photo restoration, etc? We are thinking about adding that feature to our shop and have inquired about their products and features. Any thoughts, suggestions???
I don't know anything about them, but it was a great article about them and photo restoration in PFM this month.

I have never heard of Pixit. Before you commit, realize that Adobe is the standard for digital imaging.

Photoshop 7 or 8 might be more than you need, but they publish a stripped down version, Photoshop Elements, which, I have heard, will do most of the image editing that most of us require. PE comes in both Mac and PC versions.

Check out the Adobe products before you finalize your decision.
I believe they farm the work out to India for $1/hour. According to the dealer list on their web site, they seem to work almost exclusively through the Fastframe chain.

http://www.pixitphoto.com/ is the official page.

We use a company called Digital Custom and these folks have literally bent over backwards (free $100 gift certificate to try them, samples, frequent contact to make sure we dont have any questions, marketing material, etc). They were at the Atlanta framing show, just behind Lifesaver, and this is where we discovered them.

You have the option of mailing the stuff in with a postage paid envelope or doing it through their website with a very flexible interface.

We scanned a 40yo wedding photo of my parents which was stuck to the non u/v glass and SERIOUSLY faded. The result was very inexpensive and came back looking better than it probably did originally.

http://www.image-edit.com/ 651-436-2346

If you contact them, tell Dave Veilleux I said hi! They offer a free trial for framers if they inquire by telephone. (show special/not mentioned on the website) I just spoke with him by telephone and he gave permission to extend the offer to anyone from the Grumble, even through the trade show is long gone. He will also be signing up to become a grumbler.


PS: I revised this post to reflect the extension of the show special/confirmation of free trial.

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