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Pistorius service

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Bill Taylor

True Grumbler
Mar 17, 2002
Waterville,Maine 04901
Hi Fellow Framers
I bought 2 Pistorius blades from United before Christmas. I was told the 80 tooth blades worked just as well for my purposes . I was not happy from day one with the blades. They cut the metal frames very roughly and tore the ends of the wooden moldings more than I liked. I called United and they told me to call Pistorius. To make a long frustrating story shorter. Pistouius told me to send back the blades, which I did, along with some samples of the bad cuts. Yesterday I spent a good amount of time arguing with Pistoious. All I want is either new blades that will work or my money back or 100 tooth blades instead(I was told on my first call they would replace my 80s with 100s at no extra cost)now I'm told they cost more. So I called United and told them my story. Both united and Pistorius assured me their respective supervisors would get back to me yesterday. Guess what? No phone calls. No blades. No refund. No customer service. Remember me??!!
If I have a customer that is not happy I happily refund or do whatever to make them happy.
Any one else had a problem with Pistorius?
Sorry for the long post, Bill
no did have a problem with united before christmas though, no longer a problem. peter made it clear he did not need the business. so we now use M&M and they are great.
good luck.
Who told you the 80 tooth blades were as good as 100 tooth blades? That's who ought to take the plunge & replace your blades.

I had a similar problem with a new pair of 100 tooth blades (not Pistorius)last year. The supplier was quick to respond and the replacement blades work perfectly -- there really was a problem with the blades.
I've always used 100 tooth blades so I was surprised when the 80 tooth was recomended. Can you recommend another brand of blades besides Pistorius?
Thanks, Bill
Thanks for the private email, SCFramer 527 , recommending UltraMiter blades. I have been using that brand all along, but after many years I was told they had had their last sharpening. I opted for Pistorius because I was told they were the best.

Did you know that you can have new teeth installed on your blades? I would check with UltraMiter about having them replace the teeth with OEM teeth rather than having it done by somebody who may use less than good quality teeth.

I am going to have my Forrest blades retoothed after another few sharpenings. It is cheaper than buying new blades and, if you have the OEM manufacturer do it, they will be as good as new blades.

I thought it was $16 a tooth to have one replaced.
I can't see where this is cost effect than buying a new blade.

PS I use Ultramiter blades and a set of MiterMaster that came on my Saw.
Ah, saw blades, always a tricky issue and a mostly subjective one at that. There is no way anyone is going to get really good service out of combo (metal/wood) blades. It's like Sam Johnson said about a dog walking on his hind legs; it's not that he does it well but that he does it all that's remarkable. The combo blades will work ok but never great.

As far as I know, Pistorius blades are Forrest blades. Forrest is a great company and makes good blades, especially industrial blades, but framers don't need industrial blades because we don't do industrial cutting, 8 hours or more of constant sawing a day. I've mentioned this before; we get much better service out of Freud LU 85's ("the ultimate cutoff blade"). The blades are excelent cutters and dull about the same rate as industrial blades but cost half as much. We just got 8 back from Quality Saw and Knife today.Framers need blades that are sharpened way more often than blades in an industrial setting which is why LU 85's give better service than industrial blades. There is one exception: if all you are cutting is soft and hard woods, then an industrial blade has some advantage in that its blank may be a little stronger.

I agree with United, an 80 tooth blade should give excellent results. An 80 tooth blade should have a slightly faster feed rate than a 100 tooth and should stay a little cooler, both good things.

You have to wonder about two blades being bad. One is actually very unlikely while two...
We've never gotten a bad Freud blade and we must have bought 50 of 'em.

We actually use different blades for all wood, wood and "gesso" and metal. The all wood and metal blades don't need to be sharpened nearly as offten as the wood and "gesso" blades so we use either Pistorius Miter masters or Quality
Accumiter blades for those applications.

Metal only and all wood blades will go over half a year while wood and gesso blades last only a couple of weeks. There was a flier in our last shipment from Quality asserting that the abrasives in gesso (really plaster) don't dull blades but I don't believe it based on 25 years experience.

I know saw blades is a touchy subject but I'd be willing to bet that any framer who tried a Freud LU 85's in general frame making would be pleased, especially if he sharpens then twice as often as he did his old industrial blades. Warren

Forrest blades which I use sell for about $139.00 each on Forrest's website for a 10" 80 tooth ATB Duraline blade. I can have my blades retoothed for $111.20 each through Forrest and be guaranteed that they will perform like a new blade. They inspect the blade body first to ensure that there is no warpage or problems with the body and then they will call you with an estimate on replacing the teeth or buying a new blade if the old body has problems.

The full replacement of teeth on my blades would run about $1.39 for each tooth which is reasonable since I have used these blades for over 8 years and have had Forrest sharpen them each time. It costs extra for postage to and from the sharpening service but I have never had a bad sharpening from them and my blades cut like butter.

You can use whatever kind of blades you choose and have them sharpened wherever you choose. I simply like the satisfaction of knowing that my blades are being sharpened properly by people who really know how much to grind off and how much to leave.

I sent one pair of commercial Amana blades to a knife and saw sharpening service that advertises alot in our trade magazines and they completely ruined the teeth on them. So I am very leery of sending out good blades to somebody that I don't know will do a proper job.

Forrest charges $25/blade to sharpen them and, when I get them back, they sing!! Every surface on each tooth is honed and all their sharpening is done with computerized diamond sharpening machines so there is never any excess tooth material taken off.

Thanks for the advice.
I finally got some satisfaction today from Pistorius. I will try the 100 tooth blades. They will send new ones for the same price as the 80 tooth. I have not heard anything from United which is where I purchaced the blades to begin with. What's up with that?
Bill Taylor,
I have been away at a trade show since the day you posted your problem and I am just reading this at 7:30 this AM. I will get back later when I have more info.

dns y,
It takes a special kind of coward to hide behind a private e-mail address and blank profile and post disparaging remarks. Let us all know who you are and I will be able to post my side of our dispute. I expect that you will not as usually it is the deadbeats that do this type of hatchet job. It takes an awful lot for me to close an account. I truly feel sorry for the supplier that takes on your account. So here’s your chance coward. Let us know who you are and then you can post all the half-truths you like. At least I will be ably to give my side.
Bring it on.
Quality Saw and Knife Company
115 West Babylon, NY 11704

Been using them for years without a major problem. What minor ones I've had were solved quicky and courtiously. They are also full service, repair, sharpening, supply. Chopper blades as well.

I would go with 12" 80 tooth combos. Cooler,faster easier to maintain lower cost to sharpen.
Wow, Peter, you should let the jet lag wear off before you pull out the double barreled shotgun!! I have met Dennis in Atlanta and I don't believe for a minute that he made a planned attempt to undermine the credibility of UMS with his post.

I may be wrong but I feel that both of you need to get together on this and work out whatever differences there are about the issue and keep it off the Grumble.

If I were reading these posts as a new frameshop owner and saw that the president of the framing supply company that I did business with went off half cocked like this, I may be inclined to look for another supplier myself.

I have seen too many forays on the Grumble (some that involved you, Peter), to put much stock in hasty replies (hasty replies, now that's ME!!) but there are many new framers on this forum who may take a reply like yours much more seriously than you may have meant it.

Mr Ackerman,

Gosh you are so good at the putting people down. I remember you acting the same way over the phone to my boss. What a great guy! Well I emailed you directly so you can talk badly to me privately. I thought you would like to do that, since you are so good at it here. Maybe next time you could stop and ask why someone is saying this before you act so poorly. I see this as a common occurrance with you. A very good way to show people why you lose customers.
good day
dns y,
The golden rule will apply.
I received your private e-mail today with explaination of your problem with my company. You still have not told me the name of your company so that I may look into the problem and what occured. If you will post this information in this forum for us all to see I will investigate. If you are correct I will post an apology for all to see.
Dennis and Peter, it appears that this matter should be handled privately between the two of you. Try email (you each have the others address now) or, better still, the telephone. That would be your move, Dennis.

Nobody even noticed the comment by dns early in this thread until it became a Very Big Deal a few days ago.
>>Nobody even noticed the comment by dns early in this thread until it became a Very Big Deal a few days ago.<<

I did...and was waiting for the fireworks to begin. Don't spoil it now, Ron, I want to know how the show ends... :D
As much as we all enjoy a good debate or "fireworks", I think this kind of exchange only serves to HURT those involved, and their credibility/reputation. They also hurt the Grumble community as a whole. If I were a new user viewing this thread, I think I'd be very hesitant to participate for fear of personal attack.

I feel it brings the whole base down and discourages the friendly, civil, and cooperative exchange the Grumble is so well known for.

I'm with Ron, and hope you take it to private email or telephone.

Only one reputation has been hurt so far. An anonymous poster has disparaged a company by name and its owner by name. I think that Peter has the right to a public airing of both sides or a simple apology. The anonymous poster has offered neither.

Your indignation would perhaps be more convincing if it weren't posted anonymously.

I'm going to close this thread down for a little cooling-off period. I get the last word, I guess, and anyone who doesn't like it knows where to find me.

Anyone who has any useful information about Pistorius service, please start a new thread.
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