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Pistorius MN-200 12" blades

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Grumbler in Training
Oct 20, 2013
Operating Pistorius double mitre saw. MN-200 with 12 in blades set up for metal extrusions and metal picture frames. I have two saws and no room and we don't cut metal frames anymore. So it has to go to get some space. Has a new contactor installed, new high end Siemans solid state overload protector, wiring. Has the 72 in scaled Pistorius outfeed guide. With air activated stop. With special two port undercarriage dust collector ports. Mitre Cutting Capacity: 2-5/8"H x 3-5/16"W
Motor Specs: 1.5HP , 3450 RPM, three phase. One original motor and one replacement. However without blade wrenches. (We have one set for two saws.) Replacement wrench can be bought online or you can make one that will work. Complete Pistorius MN-200 manual online for guide to operation and adjustments. It will need head adjustments and leveling of outfeed after moving. It works now for us providing sharp precise 90 degree cuts. The saw is setup and operating so you can test to your satisfaction. Shipping available on special heavy duty pallet if needed. Should cost about $200-$300 anywhere in U.S. Or pick up direct in S.Cal, North San Diego County (San Marcos) in a small truck or heavy duty SUV. Incomplete dust collector included (dust collector motor does not run more than 10 sec and needs replacing) with new cart and 2500 mm dust collector bags. Also needs tubing. $1750 call direct 202 489 5300


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