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For Sale: Pistorius Frame Joiner, Morso Guillotine (New Jersey/New York)

W.D Quinn Saw Co. - US Made Picture Frame Blades

David Lee

Please see classified posting on Craigslist here:

For sale are a couple of framing equipment in good condition. Made by Pistorius Manufacturing Co. Cash and carry, must be able to transport and load - sorry, no deliveries. These machines are fully functional. Make me an offer! Located in Uppper Saddle River, NJ.

Pistorius K Chopper/Morso Guillotine with measuring table attachment (manual pedal) : $599.00
Pistorius VN-B Frame Joiner (pneumatic): $999.00

00E0E_9nWrY9mQKR3_600x450.jpg 00n0n_jFlO6vQFXKe_600x450.jpg 00j0j_7l0YPZWuNew_600x450.jpg 00T0T_bDIU31Q1ZM7_600x450.jpg 00505_gJaRHcfe7O0_600x450.jpg 00V0V_hyrxYR1R5O6_600x450.jpg 00m0m_4a9h8VxpTVy_600x450.jpg 00a0a_24xJ53AKqDI_600x450.jpg

Keywords: Mitre Machine, Chopper, Guillotine, Morso, Pneumatic, miter, mitering, "K Chooper", joiner, frame, moulding, cutting, joining, framing, assembly, v-nailer, v-nail, underpinners, "VN-B joiner"
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David Lee

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This item is SOLD.

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