Pinch Me!


PFG, Picture Framing God
Nov 21, 2005
Carson City, Nevada
Today marks a very important day in my framing career. I signed on the dotted line, finalized my business license, Tax ID#, shop insurance policy, lease agreement, took possession of the keys and I walk through the doors of my own frame shop tomorrow! It's been a sleepy little shop for several years, and I'm about to wake it up.
I closed the doors on my first frame shop 17 years ago, and have regretted it ever since. I survived 14 months as framing manager at Michaels, walked away (Christmas Eve) with dignity and well-wishes from the store manager and co-workers, and on I go, as the Framer I'm meant to be.
Nervous? You bet! A lot has happened in the industry since I was a little ol' small-town framer.I'm not totally a born-again framer, as I've had my hand in it in some form all along. I'll be competing with Michael's and Fast Frame(but now I know the competition!), a couple of chain-framers, and will be virtually the only privately-owned frame shop in town. But what I have on my side is experience, great customers from the "other" places and a great support system (all you Grumblers, my wonderful husband and many awesome friends who have been egging me on to take the risk and follow my dream.) Someone here on the Grumble said it recently (Thank You!!), made a huge impact on me..."May Your Dreams Be Greater Than Your Fears"
Wish me luck, my fellow Framers! I know this will take much more than luck. At 51, I'm a dinosaur anxious to learn new stuff, but knowing that what Paul Frederick taught me years ago is what I do best...framing. I'm Soooo Happy!
Happy New Year everyone!!! :D :D :D
Congratulations Val!!!!!!
Have been keeping up with your saga for the past couple of weeks or more. You know you have to sleep sometimes tonight. Wish you only the best
After nearly 20 years of being a framer I made the leap this summer myself. I always have a ball in my stomach but in my heart of hearts I know it'll be a great success. Like you many friends especially customers who became my friends encouraged me as well. Stay strong and happy framing ! Congrats and the best of luck. I'll be watching on the grumble for all you success stories.
Way to go girl

Val, how close to the <strike>Train</strike>Museum are you?

Rock em baby! That town needs some wake-up.

Don't hesitate to go see my buddy Max Baer when he gets his little place knocked together at the south end.
I haven't slept for weeks, why start now? Remember, it's only 7:35 here (Pacific time)
Ah heck, I think I'm gonna cry.....
Congratulations to you too, Steph.
Val and Steph Kick *** in the New Year!!!Good Luck Guys and we are here for you...don't forget there are some smart folks here that can help with pretty much anything!!!

Good luck to the two of you hope all your dreams come true!!!
Patrick Leeland
Anybody else just sooo excited for them, that you could bust.

I remember when I first opened my doors 5 1/2 years ago. I love it. :D

I don't make as much money as I really thought I would, but for a second income, there is no better job in the world.

Doing what you love is great. I also think you picked a good time to get into business.

I opened in 2000 and then 911 hit and wow what a hard ride, But the Lord is faithful and we grew every year.

This is the first year that my Christmas sales where off, but we are still ahead for the year.
I think we are leveling off.

I also think I need to get busy marketing again. I have let my guard down a little and gotten too comfortable.

You guys have inspired me to get busy for the new year and come up with my new marketing schedule for the year.

Someone told me I should decide what I want to make for the year and go after it. There is Something about setting the goal that makes you work harder.

Anyway, may God Bless your new Business!

Congrats, Val.
I, too, escaped from a BB 19 years ago to jump into my own venture.
It's been a real adventure!
You have the huge benefits of having had the experience of owning your own place and of having the Grumble at hand.

Make sure you bone up on the business/retail side of a framing business. There is so much more to framing now for you than just... framing. I hope we see you at some trade shows soaking up every class you can fit into your schedule.

You are entering into this with your eyes open, you are far ahead of many of us because of that.

Forget the luck stuff, you need fortitude and flexibility! (and cash!) I wish you plenty of all of that!

Consider yourself pinched!

edie the wheresmycrystalball goddess
Yes, congrats and best wishes. Listen to the Goddess......focus on the business end of things. You are lucky you have previous experience. Even your experience at Michael's will be beneficial. I spent 6 years there and I like you, was glad to leave. But, there are things to take from a BB business you can apply to your own. You have seen the "big picture" and know how to run a high volume shop. It will help you kick it into a higher gear when your shop gets busy.

Good luck to you!
No, I won't be able to go to the WCAF show, especially to help Happy Birthday Paul Frederick. This new adventure came up really fast and all the deposits, fees, etc. have eaten up a lot of my "cash flow", if ya know what I mean, so I need to concentrate on getting some work done. Like the Goddess said, I have Fortitude, Flexibility...but not a lot of cash at the moment.
I know the business end of it is crucial, and my weakness (anyone identify with that one??), but with the resources I have(you guys, etc) I will make it one of my strengths. And that's a whole 'nother post! More to be revealed!
I am sooo grateful that I stumbled across the Grumble a few weeks ago, how timely! ("Stumble 'Cross the Grumble"...I hear a song in there somewhere..hmmm) I can't believe how much time I spend in here, how much I've learned from you Grumblers already, without even asking, and that is a huge comfort.
Baer, everything in this town is "close by", Train Museum is a couple miles down the road. And there has not been a Jethro sighting in some time, but I will be sure to say hi if/when he gets here. Maybe he'll need some framing done for his Hillbilly Casino?? Ya think? (Anyone got alligator Matboard?)
Major flooding here today, so I'm off to "my" shop to check for leaks and wet carpet. Welcome to the real world, eh?!
Thanks everyone. I love you guys!!! :D :D :D
I'm smiling as I'm reading this post because I'm so very happy for you :D
This isn't just a job, it's a career choice, and I've never regretted a moment.
Wishing you all the BEST for 2006 !!!

Yes, Pat, I realize, I might have used, a comma out, of place......................

carry on......