Pin holes in mat board

Jack Cee

MGF, Master Grumble Framer
Jun 18, 2002
Willows, CA
We just attached a silk scarf to a rag mat board with thread and it looks great. It will be framed with a spacer between the mount and the glass. I just noticed a small problem; along the bottom five pin holes are visible upon close inspection. Burnishing does not help. In order to hide the holes we have tried to fill them with pulp from the original rag mat with little success; we have tried to hide them with mat magic powders but a matching color does not exist; we have tried to fill them with talcum powder with no success. One method that appears to have some effect is to spray K2R spot remover and burnish the hole with the gel before it sets. The scarf measures 29" x 291/2" with stitches every 1/2 inch.

Any suggestions?

Jack Cee
Holes are tough to hide, but I have had several problems with mats lately that I had success fixing by dampening the mat with water and letting the water swell the fibers.

Start with as little water as possible and gradually increase as you can see it does not leave any spot or residue.

I also used the tacking iron to steam the water into the mat.

Depending on the texture of the mat, this might work. I know there are some mats that this will change the texture and not be a good idea. Try it on a sample first.
if all else fails try a sharp pin and 'fluff' the edges of the hole (use a magnifier of some sort), and then burnish carefully.
good luck!