Pile material vs. velvet loop material


MGF, Master Grumble Framer
Aug 28, 2002
eastern pa
Which is better for a moulding wall? I'm sure both do the job, but which one is easier to work with, more durable... etc? M&M carries the Loop material, and United has the foam backed pile material. The loop is a little more expensive, but I can get truck delivery for that, so the price is not an issue. Anybody have any input?
The Loop material, IMHO seems to last longer, with less pull out.

But, on a side note, someone a while back showed me about "shaving" their wall.

When the velvet stops grabbing because it is all "pulled out", they just ran a hair clippers over the offending area and life went on.....

Mow your lawn, and shave your wall.... life in the 21st century. :D
Check out: www.lockfast.com

They have closeouts that are at great prices. I used to be in the portable trade show exhibit business and bought from them often.

I personally like Frontrunner fabric and use it to hold moulding samples. and other items.

Dave Makielski
While Velcro strips are more durable, the pile material, I believe, looks better.

But with pile material, you will need to glue it to a substrate – either masonite or directly to the wall. When the glue finally dries out and loses its oomph, it will begin to “bubble”. It is not easy to reattach the material once it begins doing that.

Consider an inexpensive carpet. It is heavier, comes in a variety of colors, and can be vacuumed easily. When I brought corner samples to my local rug merchant and threw them on their samples to see how they would stick, the salesman thought I was nuts. But, I am pleased with a rug on my wall.
I like my carpet on my door panels. tried the black material, didn't hold up as well.
We used the same carpet on our wall as our floor & our design counter/work counters. 3 4'x8' pieces of plywood...glue the carpet, staple around the back side, screw them into the wall. Very durable. We are about to add another section.