Piecemeal FrameSpace?

Sherry Lee

SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Jun 25, 2002
Phoenix, Az.
Every time I use spacers, I wonder this question...

I always use one piece per side. I have this collection of smaller pieces and wonder if it's 'ok' to use two or three pieces per side....butted up against each other.

Curious minds want to know.........
Aesthetically, we choose not to do it. There is no technical reason that I know of, but it just looks 'second rate' to us, anyway...
Do you mean if the frame is ever opened up, or broken, your work doesn't look "peacemealed"??

Otherwise, it can't be seen, eh?

If I interpretted you correctly, I understand your point!
I have pieced it when I ran out. And only when I could make it look like one piece meaning the cuts on both end pieces were straight enough there was no noticable gap. Of course I was peering at in at all angles, in the frame out of the frame...
Charge appropriately, and do the job correctly.

Scabbing anything, will always look like scabbing.
Depending on the particular depth of Framespace you're using, you may be able to see the seams from the front.
We use almost all of our small pieces down to about 4 inches in small frames for photos and shadowboxes.

Sometimes we have so many that it seems silly, but somebody will come in with a large collection of photos that don't get mats and it all gets used.

The leftovers of sticks of all colors get put into the same poster tube so it's not hard to store.