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Sep 18, 2001
Mansfield, Ohio
I want a picture in my signature. My original choice is in "My Pictures" and I don't know where I got it. Is there a way to use it? I am on AOL. :(
If the pic was on the 'net, I could sorta tell you how to do it. You might just try to right click on the pic, then click on 'properties'. A window will open, and, IF there's a URL, like http//:www.whatever, highlight it, then press Control C.
Then, go to your profile, go to your signature and type Control V. I think that's how I did mine. But...if Properties shows it as being in your hard drive, Ron or another expert will have to help.

Wish I could've been more help. Good luck. Shoot, try it, it might have an actual URL, and if so, it should work.

If you have the image on your computer, you have to first get it located to a storage spot on the internet. This is done normally with an FTP program (File Transfer Protocol)and is fairly simple to use. There are many FTP programs that are available on the web for download for free or for a 30 or 60 day trial before u buy basis.

You can usually get some storage space from your dial-up provider. Contact them and they will give you the URL to access your storage area. Once you have a place to store, you can open your FTP program and usually just drag-n-drop your picture from the folder on your hard drive to the FTP storage area. The program will do the rest for you.

Now you must get the URL of the picture that you stored. Say it is www.members.yourdialuphost.com/purpleperson/myimage.jpg.

You would copy this URL or remember it and place it into the signature area of your profile and you are ready to sell puppies!! (little kid's roadside stand joke.......between me and my dad from many years ago)

Now, if you attempt all of this (and I hope you do because that is how you will LEARN how to post to FTP) and get totally frustrated and have pulled out most of your remaining hair and still don't have a clue as to how to do this, THEN contact Ron Or me and one of us will help you get it up on the net so you can use it.

Good deal?? Hope so. That's about all I can say on this without my first morning cup of tea.


If you're anxious (and that would appear to be the case) you could email the picture to me as an attachment and I could upload it to some server space and send you a URL address to copy and paste into your signature. (I'd do this for anyone as a 'thank-you' for using the techi forum.)

If you're one of those do-it-yourself types, or you're not sure how to email an attachment, I'll update the picture posting tutorial and post it on this forum in the next week or so.

This seems to be the most common question on this forum, so you're not alone, PP.
Thank you, thank you. As soon as I figure out how to send it as an attachment, I will send it to you. hmmmm Where do I send it to you to?

By the way, I have a computer expert coming over tonight ($10 an hour) to help me figure out some things on my new inherited computer and I will get some help.

Send it to my email address which you can get by clicking on 'email' in this message or roneggers@hotmail.com

Unless you specify, I'll use my judgement about how big it should be. If it's too big, it'll take forever to load and you'll have a mob of angry Grumblers gathering on your front lawn with torches. (I won't be among them. I'm not allowed to handle fire.)
PP, You can use the image in place of your previous signature or in addition to your previous signature, but not in the middle of your previous signature.

Try this:

I'm in shape. Round's a shape.
I give up, for now. It keeps printing twice. I have to go to work. My first choice was my dog's face, but I love the signature you put in the butterfly.
If you want me to try the other graphic, you need to send me the actual graphic, not a shortcut to it. The attachment should have an extension like jpg or gif, not lnk.

There is no obvious reason why this isn't working for you, but sometimes the cut-and-paste procedure doesn't work. Let's try it a different way:

  1. Click on this link . This should open a second window with the picture. </font>
  2. In this window with the picture, click on the address at the top of your browser. This will highlight the entire address. </font>
  3. While that address is highlighted, push ctrl-C to copy the address into your clipboard. (The clipboard is just a temporary storage bin in your conmputer's memory. It can only remeber one thing at a time - just like me.) </font>
  4. Close the second (picture) window. </font>
  5. Click on 'my profile' </font>
  6. Click on view/edit profile </font>
  7. Place your cursor at the end of your current signature and push ctrl-V to paste in the URL address for the picture </font>
  8. Type
    at the end. Be careful of the placement of these UBB codes or they will corrupt the address. </font>
  9. Save your profile and keep your fingers crossed </font>
I'm going to go through these steps myself to make sure they work. If anyone wonders why my signature says "PurplePerson," let 'em wonder! I'll change it back when I'm done.
I am printing out your instructions and will try them as soon as piano students go home. I would like to conquor this with your help, rather than you doing it for me if we can. . . I want the education.
The address above the picture is purple and it doesn't click or copy. There is no other address. While we figure this out, I am going to try the other way again.
Sorry to interrup...
... but am I reading that Purple Person is drugged AND teaching piano students?
<font size=-2>Heart and Soul just one too many times?</font>
Good Luck with the image Purp!
Okay, try this (and say to yourself, "Never give up! Never give up!")

Right-click on the butterfly graphic. For a limited time, you can find it in the signature of every one of my 2,000+ posts (except the ones where I shut off the signature.) In the menu that pops up, choose 'properties.' (This should be starting to sound familiar.) Highlight the URL address. You can usually do this by triple-clicking on it. Push ctrl-C to copy it, then proceed to paste it into your signature and add the UBB codes (
) as previously outlined.

The sooner you accomplish this, the sooner I can change my signature back to some inane quote.
I just had to try this since PP was having so much trouble!

It took me about 10 trys, my last attempt I right clicked on the URL and chose select all and then copied.............
I just had to put this comment in so that I could see if I was able to have a whatsit by my name too. I had to settle for this, as I was unable to find any crowns or other queenly trappings.
Lois, how 'bout this queenly photo for your signature?

Lois, There is a nice little crown avatar on AOL Instant Messenger under My Preferences,Instant Setup. It doesn't want to highlight. Perhaps you can access it, or I could with your help.lol
I THOUGHT you could use a custom pic for your avatar! (self portrait)