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Donmar Creations

Picture hanging system

Gen Murphy

Grumbler in Training
Dec 10, 2001
My company is marketing a new picture hanging system in North America. Currently, it is included in the United Mfg catalog supplement. We are looking for framing suppliers to carry it, or individual galleries and frame shops to sell it. It is ahigh-quality system and has been selling well in the limited market we have opened so far
All inquiries are welcome.

Gene Murphy

Ron Campian

Jul 18, 2001
Now that we have a v-nailer I never use my Thunb nailer. Will take $200.00 for it.

Also, a frame shop owner down the street just locked the door one night and left town. We, eventually, got almost all the equipment from his landlord. I really don't need two 40x60 vacuum presses or two Fletcher 2100 table top mat cutters---any offers?

Capt. Ron - Framemaster of the Universe