CGF, Certified Grumble Framer
Dec 3, 2004
I have a question regarding metal hook hangers. I have my wire properly attached to a 32x15 framed piece. My Euro hangers are placed down about 11 inches (or 1/3 of the way down) and the top peak of the wire is at 5" or 1/2 of the 11 inches. The piece hangs great on the wall BUT the wire hook I am placing it on hits the back of the frame and pushes it away from the wall so I am not getting a snug fit against the wall. Any magic devices or answers to this problem? Is the best answer Wall Buddies? Would be interested in any comments. Thanks.
OK, I give -- I have ordered some Wall Buddies. Framar, how would tightening the wire prevent the hook from pressing the picture away from the wall? Also, do my measurements sound good for a 32"x15" item? Euros 11" down and wire peaking at 5"?
Your measurements sound fine, Jason - and it is been my experience that tightening the wire causes the picture to lie flatter against the wall. Another trick is to use two wall hangers but for a 15" piece that might be excessive.

Most of my customers around here have plaster walls and they hate having to put even ONE nail into their walls so I must admit (quietly) that I have never used Wallbuddies. But since RON uses them they must be indeed superior!

Be a real framer. Move the wire up to 6" with a 2" peak, and put two hangers. Just the weight constitutes the second hanger.

What is your definition of "snug"? A frame package should sit on the wall with some space behind it to allow for air circulation behing the frame. This will minimize the formation of mold/mildew on the back of the frame package and the wall and allow proper air circulation around and within the frame package as environmental changes occur in the home. If you mean tight against the wall, that may be too snug.

With WallBuddies, the hangers will keep the back of the frame away from the wall approximately the same space as the bumpons at the bottom of the frame. There are hundreds of framers that use the WallBuddies system now and I think that one of the big selling points of WB's is the fact that they are a very positive method of hanging. By that I mean, after you level the frame package on the wall using WB's, (they are self-levelling, BTW) you won't have to worry about going back later to level the frame from misalignment caused by wall vibrations or door slamming. My customers love that convenience and I have had a few bring their entire art collection in for refitting with WB's after they saw how stable the are on the wall.

But your problem may stem from the fact that you are trying too hard to get the frame closer to the wall than is necessary.

Hope this helps you.

Baer has the simplest answer, move the wire to 6" from the top with a 2" peak with two 30# hangers spaced 4-5" apart and the pic should be snug enough to please......
...or, you could move the wall out, just the tiniest little bit...