Picture Hanger Helper

The wire helper looks like a more useful item than the sawtooth helper. It isn't really that difficult to position sawtooth hangers as they are on the top edge of the frame.

I guess the bottom line for framers will be cost. If these are something that you can sell to the client, they may be a timesaver for the average picture frame consumer to use.

I think the sawtooth hanger helper would probably work but why bother? I just put a little pencil mark top center of the frame and measure (or eyeball) down for the nail. Takes less time than putting on the helper.

The wire helper has possibilities but only on frames that have a solid backing or are filled flush to the back. Otherwise you just punch a hole in the paper. I suppose you could use 2 of them and clip them to the corners if you wanted to use 2 hooks to hang the art?