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Feb 22, 2005
Charlotte, NC
Hey everyone, I am new here to the board and already learned a lot in just a few days, so thanks.

Being a newbie and very eager to learn this craft and I feel that I have reached a plateau in my self learning and would like to invest in a course to take my skills to the next level. From other websites I have found many different courses ranging from $495 on up over $1000. Is there really a huge difference in price vs. quality at these courses? Can anyone recommend a course in the east coast USA that would be beneficial? Thanks in advance.
Carolina Moon Art & Framing Company
Hi Rob, welcome to the Grumble. Years ago, I attended Larson-Juhl's school in Atlanta. Since that time, I've taken advantage of any other classes that are available to stay up on the "latest" trends and techniques in framing and have done ALOT of reading. It's an on-going education. Things can change alot each year as new framing materials are manufactured, and new types of printed materials are in need of framing. Don't know what the price is now for the wk. you'd spend in Atlanta, but it was well worth the price I paid. Keep in mind, it was only a starting place. Just about every week, some new challenge is "plopped" down on my design counter.

Good luck to you.

Thanks for the reply. I did check out the Larson-Juhl's school, but it was my understanding that in order to participate in their course you must be an employee of a framing shop or have a store front business. Right now I am building my business out of my home and on-line. Do you know if this requirement is the case? Also, I have tried to get my hands on a lot of books to learn from. Do you have any recommendations on other publications to stay up to date and educated? Thanks again.
Rob take a look at Ebay.com you should type in picture framing. Then you should get a bunch of books. Some are just in one area, however others can cover everything from the invention of paper to setting up your shop for maximum output. They can cover a bit and then some. Most books will go between $15-$50. Depending on what you are looking for it can be a good help.Good luck and welcome to The Grumble. Of course nothing is as good as being trained in erson by a master...anyone here from Charlotte?
Patrick Leeland
Oh, fer cryin' out loud!

Who are all you NC framers selling framing to? Each other? Tourists?

Reminds me of a 60 Minutes segment years ago where all the people in some town were suing AmWay or some other vertical marketing scheme. It seems every single citizen over the age of 12 was an AmWay dealer and there was absolutely nobody left to sell to.

Just teasing, Rob, but look around and you'll realize about half the framers on The Grumble are from North Carolina.

Welcome to The Grumble. You should feel right at home.
Welcome, Rob. Very soon now, there'll be enough NC framers here to invade Wisconsin!
hello Caroliina Moon and welcome to the Grumble!
I took Paul's course last summer (american picture framing academy0... it's very imformative and gave me enough confidence to get my frame shop going.
As other posts have mentioned, the course is just a starting point and a very good one too... everyday there is something to learn in this business.
If you want a great course, with lots of usable information from an intelligent, flexible (if the class is prepared to learn more he'll know and push you!) knowledgable instructor contact Evan at Indian King Framery.

Evan handles the scheduling and "paperwork" for Dusty. I have met people who have taken courses elsewhere, and while they know how to cut mats they don't have the knowledge behind mat cutting and techniques. Dusty can show you how to use, take care and fix many different kinds of mat cutters for example while the instructors in the other courses seem to be able to show you how to use the machines they sell. They also seem intent on showing you how to you production stops, without being able to cut a mat, ie where to insert the blade, why you get hooks, bows and other errors.

So I guess I'm saying the others can teach you to cut mats but you'll learn how to do it from Dusty! (can you tell I like this guy!)
CarolinaMoon, email me and I will give you some info on traning by long time framer for free. Click on my author name and go to profile if interested. Good luck
Hi CarolinaMoon and welcome! My business partner and I just opened our gallery and frame shop last September. We really didn't know that much about framing (actually doing the framing) and checked out many schools out there. After weighing all of information as well as price, timing, etc. we decided to take the one week intensive class that Complete Framers Supply in Fort Lauderdale offered last May...and ARE WE GLAD that we did! Pam MacFadden (a fellow grumbler and VERY experienced framer) taught the class. It was fantastic. We learned so much and had totally hands-on instruction.

I spoke with Pam about a month or so ago and asked her to pleeeease consider holding an intermediate framer class. She is absolutely a wonderful teacher. We are getting a lot of compliments for our framing from our customers and other framers. Here is the web site. http://www.completeframers.com/

Good luck!
Hi Carolina Moon,

Have you thought of checking into your local PPFA chapter? You might find education nearby for a reasonable cost. Although it might not be for a whole week, you might find some one day seminars in your area. Going to the PPFA meetings helped me learn many aspects of the business not offered in a school. Also consider the National PPFA convention in Orlando, where for a reasonable supersaver badge you could go to classes of your choice for four days, and be taught by the best framing educators in the country.

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