Photos plus documents?


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Jul 24, 2001
Buffalo, New York, USA/Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada
I have a question (so what else is new?) about how to transfer both photographs and documents. What is the best way? My cousin, Wes, the one I haven't seen in almost 40 years (ouch!), has been helping me round up our two dozen widely scattered first cousins. Wes, Bless his heart, has been working on our family geneology for years now and he is almost ready to share this with the rest of us.

He has over 60 legal size pages of text, plus charts and documents and hundreds of photos. I thought that putting all this on a CD would be more cost-effective and versatile. Wes sez the photos are no problem, but when he converts the PDFs to JPGs they lose sharpness and come out fuzzy. And that is where he loses me, so I told him I would ask you expert Grumblers, who are all so sweet and handsome and beautiful and wonderful and helpful....... ;)
I agree the the Acrobat format would probably the most universally viewable among the greatest range of people.

However, you can include a whole range of formats in a PDF file. JPEG is one of the most "lossy" formats. He most likely still has the originals, so I would suggest that he convert them to a flattened TIFF image. That way you will not lose any detail and they won't appear fuzzy.
Thanks for the ideas! I guess Wes has given up on Plan A and Plan B is to just send the documents to everyone separately.

So he sent me a "rich text format" document in Word Pad as an attachment. The info when I save this says there are 136kb in there. When I open it there is a blank WordPad page. This has happened twice now. Is there a way that computers send messages with invisible ink? What do I use for a match? (remember when we were kids writing messages with lemon juice, which would disappear until you ran a flame under them?)

I use WordPerfect instead of Word as my word processing program, but my XP does indeed have WordPad as well as Notepad. What's up with that, do you suppose?

Ya know, someday I will be able to answer a question in this forum, instead of asking so many!!! Thanks again! :confused:

WordPad has issues with opening documents that contain pictures... I suggest downloading the 602 PC Suite:

Then, right-click on the documents that you want to view, and select "Open With..." and choose the "602Text" program. You may have to browse to find the program:

C:\Program Files\Software602\602Pro PC SUITE\602Text\exec\602Text
RTF is a cross platform format which almost any word processor should be able to open. Generally speaking, the formatting (like paragraph spacing, tabs, etc.) remain intact in whatever application opens it.

It is unlikely that you would need any kind of external translator.

I have had trouble, though, with embedded images in .rtf. They sometimes either get vaporize or appear garbled.
Thanks guys, but it turns out that I had to save the document, open Word Perfect, and then open the document (which it said it "converted") in Word Perfect. And all of a sudden there is my Family Tree. Cool.

Who'd a thought that ya couldn't open a WordPad document in Wordpad??? I keep expecting the rules to be logical.....