Photos on The Grumble: Is It Even Possible?

Ron Eggers

SPFG, Supreme Picture Framing God
Jul 6, 2001
I continue to get lots of emails about posting photos to The Grumble. Since this is the nearly universal question, I've decided to address it here (yet again.)

First, here's what doesn't work:
  • Linking directly to image files stored on your hard drive. Think about it - do you really want Grumblers to have direct access to the files on your hard drive?</font>
  • Linking to an email attachment. It might seem like this should work, but it doesn't. Let's save time and just believe that.</font>
I believe there are two ways to get your photos on TG. One, the professional way, is to use space which may be provided by your internet service and a FTP program (file transfer protocol?) to upload images to that host. I've never done this.

The other way, my way, in fact, is to use one of the free photo-hosting sites. I use MSN Communities. (Rumors of its demise, which I started, are apparently not true.)

Here is the first in a series of Grumble tutorials on how to use MSN Communities to get your photos on TG. Be patient. It's very tedious, but it works.