photos of the new baby.

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Reynard the fox

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Oct 10, 2004
some photos of us all. hope they work.


gail,ted and ruthie


me, ted and ruthie




ruthie at 3 weeks
Is that little Ted Henry? :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:
Why, he looked just like Ruthie the last time we saw him.

Wonderful photos, Reynard, thanks!

edie the theygrowuptoofast goddess
What a handsome family!

I hope you won't be offended, Reynard, if I move this thread to Warped a little later. That forum isn't JUST for stupid stuff.

I'll leave it here for a while so those Grumblers who NEVER visit Warped can see what they're missing.

Are Scots, in general, exceptionally attractive? The only Scot I've known personally married an American after WWII and, even with that, her daughters are all gorgeous, as are her grandchildren.

I have some Scottish blood but, apparently, it's a little TOO diluted.
hi ron this is gail. it was me that put the photos on and i noticed too late that i'd put them in the wrong place so i just did it again in the warped thread. sorry. wish i'd known you could move it before i went through it all again. lol!!!

Okay, here's my deeply thought-out strategy to avoid duplicating the thread.

I'm going to leave this thread here, but close it. Then I'm going to copy it to Warped and delete the other one that's there before a bunch of people respond to it (which they probably have already while I've been agonizing over it.)
Originally posted by CharlesL:
Wow! What a nice looking family! That second picture of Ted leads me to believe that he's going to be a handfull one day! Ruthie is precious!

And Gail...she has the 'glow' of a new mum! She reminds me of a very young, but much prettier Felicity Kendal!! Now, who's the old guy on the right in the bottom picture??

You're a lucky guy, Reynard!

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