Photo repair


True Grumbler
Apr 25, 2006
I have an old sepia photo from a customer that has a tear in it. We used to use a self adhesive hinging tissue (Lineco, Archival Quality) that is extremely thin in order to close the tear from the back and hopefully prevent the picture from ripping any further.

We're now looking into new, more archival ways to accomplish this task(possibly without the use of an adhesive?). Is there anything out there I should look into?
So far as I know, that is still the best way to do it simply.

If you want to get into rice paper, and rice paste, I think there is a thread about it somewhere. (I'm not the one to ask about that; hate the stuff)
The best thing to do is open an account with Digital Customs - scan the photo, send it to them, let them send you a new photo back.

The customer's happy - you're happy - you've made a profit and created another reason for customers to come see you!

Easy as pie.
Do you have a contact for Digital Customs?
WE are getting alot of customers brining in pictures stuck to the glass and or damaged photos.
Thanks Doug
If you try Digital Custom, make a sample for your shop and you will sell with confidence. We have samples that we made of our family photos, and they more or less do the selling for you. Plus it's nice to have the ancestors watching over you in the shop scaring off "Freddy...from Nightmare on Framestreet."