Photo collage on canvas


MGF, Master Grumble Framer
Apr 18, 2004
We just stretched 56 x 66 canvas fabric for a local elementary school. They want to create a collage of candid photos on the canvas and then seal the finished collage.

What kind of adhesive will best hold the photos on the canvas, and what type of sealer should be used as a topcoat. There will never be a need to disassemble the collage or restore the photos back to their original state.

We will be framing the finished product so I want to provide as much info. as possible to keep them coming back for more.

As always, thanks.
You could suggest they use photoshop and make the collage, or montage, and then get it pinted on canvas. I know thats not exactly what you asked for but thought it might be an alternative.
Thanks and I did mention something similar like using the iron on transfers. The principal wants the actual pictures. The adhesive is not as big a question I guess as the top sealer. What can be used not to make the picture peel, bubble, or otherwise distort the appearance?
If the canvas is not primed, plain white glue would work as an adhesive. Otherwise, I suggest atg. Lend them an atg gun.

Seal with gel medium. Gel medium will fill in around the edges of the photos and make sure they stick. The trick to using it on photos is to just dab it on gently, rather than stroke. Practice with some photos you don't care about until you get it down. After the gel medium is dry, spray with UV krylon.

This is such a bad idea, though! Why canvas? Why not something simpler? rrr. I suppose it is way too late to change that, though.
Try Laminal from United. It can also be used for canvas transfers and brush stroking.
Thanks for all the info. They had already made up their mind as to how this was going to be done. All I am doing is trying to provide info. as needed and framing the finished project.