Photo Albums


CGF, Certified Grumble Framer
Sep 25, 2000
Weaverville, NC USA
Could someone please help me out with a source for good photo albums? I am just not in the mood to search the web and would prefer any reccomendations from the folks who know. Thanks, Carla
I would give you my sources, that I spent a long time hunting down, but I'm not in the mood.

Jeez John, That is some attitude!! It almost sounded like you would rather just go out to the point and paddle out to catch a cool 6 footer instead...

We have to help these people who reach out

Especially after they have spent all that exsaustive time searching for answ . . . :rolleyes:
Oh, I see what you mean

Wait, the paddling out and the wave sounded kinda good

Now if there are a few nice Bettys out there, and the rays are good, the waves don't even have to be about the scuff level....

Aw, for cryin' out loud. Try Pioneer Photo Albums. I am sure they have a website, and you can catch them at the PPFA show in Orlando in February. Good folks, good product.
You could also look for Raika. They offer beautiful leather photo albums, in a variety of colors and textures.
I like Molly West. The albums are handmade, archival, beautiful, and unlike anything I've seen available anywhere else. They come in a variety if sizes and styles. Somewhat pricey, but if your customers like nice things, they might be for you. They are located in California @510-653-2830.
Thanks for the help. I am sorry if I should not be asking such questions, but I am in a quandry and was trying to get some quick info. I am having to leave town (my mother is dying) and I intended to leave the looking for photo albums up to my daughter, and just thought it would be easier for her if I had some leads. Now I do, I will pass them on to her, and I am off to Arkansas. Thanks again.