Phantom of the Opera Frame


WOW Framer
Jul 24, 2001
Buffalo, New York, USA/Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada
I have got a customer who wants me to create a Phantom shadow box for his wife, for their anniversary. You see, this guy dressed up in a cape and a mask with roses and candles and all and proposed to her! So he wants to re-create this "magic moment" in a frame.

I am thinking I can find appropriate candle-holders, make fake candles out of dowels (so they won't melt) and he is bringing in his cape and mask and a fake rose and whatever else, and I thought I could paint a nice stone wall in the background...but I would also like to do "fog."

Any suggestions? Angel hair? Cotton? Gauzy silk? MylarD? (just kidding)

Needless to say - I'll post pix when it is done - he hasn't even brought the cape in yet - but my mind is busy churning out ideas.

Thanks in advance for your contributions!

BTW, forgive my typos - it is getting harder to catch them as my eyesight is going downhill rapidly - surgery not til JUNE!!!
Framar, I would try and talk the guy into going to a photographer that would photograph him in his cape and mask and have some fog going on in the photo and possibly against a stone wall looking backdrop. That cape is gonna be the difficult part to add to this particular shadowbox due to how much space it will take up. Then you can use his photo as YOUR backdrop for all the other little things you wanna add such as the ring box, the actual words of his proposal written on some beautiful card stock, the rose, candles, mask, etc.

Looking forward to seeing your photo of the completed job posted here. I love romantic jobs like what you'll be doing.
Framar you seem to have a very good idea ,along with Janet's suggestions, as to what you want it to look like. Actually mounting all that will be the bother. But I can't help but wonder about a couple of other questions ;a.) How big will this project end up being ? ,and b.) What will you charge for the completed job?

If the cape is opened to any extent ( making it the back drop seems the best idea- very little back ground mat showing) But even a small cape could be 3 feet long a nuch wider ,even if neatly folding it into ruffles,it will make you need a very large frame. And if you need to show some matting to mount a picture or other items it will be even larger, Shadow boxes are higher priced and the more difficult the mounting task the more labor ,and the higher I normally charge.

This sounds HUGHE. I once did an antique Christining Gound that was about 3.5 feet long. The LJ Queen Vitoria Frame looked like a window caseing and came close to a door caseing.LOL
Please show pictures and specs and prices. My "INQUIRING MIND WANTS TO KNOW"
My customer did mention that he wanted the cape to be folded up - showing the collar and top only - and making the project not too huge.

Janet - I like the photog idea! Thanks.

And don't worry, Buddy - I will share all!!!