Phantom Menace - Spliced Mat Disguise


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Sep 24, 1998
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There was a recent discussion dealing with the splicing of mats. A few weeks ago our shop did this Phantom Menace movie poster for one of our interior designers that we do a lot of work for. This was a gift for her son. It is one of the actual posters used in the light boxes outside the theater, and is printed on both sides, the back side being in reverse.

I don't have the finished measurments handy, but it was oversized, and our shop didn't carry the metalic gold with rust spec mat she wanted on top. (Sorry I couldn't tell you the exact numbers on these mats, I picked the pictures up on my way home from work tonight.)

Instead of splicing the top mat one time in the center, half way down from the top, we decided to splice it twice. The triangular piece of tiger mat hide the splice lines. The splice is held together both on the front and back with United's self stick acid free tape.


Here is a closer view of the splice, and patch. I extended the point of the triangular patch beyond all 3 mats, coming in on the actual image about 3/16 of an inch.


This design was surprising easy to do, the hardest part decided exactly how big to make the triangular pieces.

We had this piece sitting on an easle for only 3 days after completion before the customer picked it up, but we sold 2 more pieces using similar ideas to the triagles. Neither piece was oversized, so no splicing on those!!

Let me know what you think of this design.


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great use of creativity to solve a problem whilst still being appropriate to the image sternen. The possibilities with splicing now seem endless
Hello everybody,

I appoligize that the pictures went away.
I will try to get them back on the web server soon. (I will have to hunt them down.)

I needed to make some room on the web server and wasn't thinking anyone would still be looking at these pictures.

I miss this forum. I used to lurk here constantly, posting only occasionally, up until shortly after I posted this project. I have since left the framing industry for other opportunities. In some ways I miss it greatly. I loved the sense of completion when a project was done, and being able to use my more creative side. (I don't get much of that in retail management now!)

I miss it enough to still stumble into the grumble every now and then, even though I have no vested intrest anymore.

Good luck to you all,

Peter Climie
aka Sternen