Personalized Avatars/atavars


PFG, Picture Framing God
Jul 10, 1999
Howards retired
There are those who are giving me grief for my avatar (or atavar, I can never remember) because it is labeled 'cat' although anyone can plainly see that it is a dog of some sort, and the only good dog choice we computing dummies have. So, my question is: How do I add a custom atavar/avatar? I have a source from Guiding Eyes to get one (but I will be sure to ask permission). Remember, I need directions that start out 1) remove hands from pockets...
Sorry, Ellen, but it appears that "custom avatars" are a priveledge reserved for moderators. We didn't ask for the priveledge (in fact, some of us didn't ask to be moderators) and we certainly don't deserve it, but there you have it. A few of us don't even know how to spell "priveledge!"

I think there are several forums still in need of moderators. ;)
If you ever need another volunteer in the computer section, I'm interested and would love to help out.

Mike, CCG (Certified Computer Geek)
I was worried about bandwidth with custom Avatars. Someone can use a large file and cause problems on the board. I have no control of this at this time. I might in the future be able to accept custom Avitars. I am also monitoring signature graphics for size. If bandwidth becomes an issue they might have to be restricted.