perfect vue glass

We used to use Image Perfect that the same thing? It was terrible to clean and if you got a fingerprint on it, it etched and never came out.

Sorry if that's a different product, I can look it up tomorrow in our catalog.
My understanding of Perfect Vue ...

TruVue tried to make Museum glass. They succeeded, but with a lot of blemish scrap. If you acid etch the back, you can't see the blemish and they can say it reflects less. And, they can effectively sell their scrap hence ... Perfect Vue. Kind of a half-breed between Reflection Control and Museum.

I find it looks pretty good if not viewed near Museum. But, I think for the money I'd just as soon sell up to the Museum, or "down" to the Reflection Control.

Another piece of data (at least around here) M******'s "highest end" glass is Perfect Vue and they seem to sell a LOT of it. They don't (at least the last time I checked) offer Museum.
Well, I appreciate the information. Also, can you tell me if it's any more protective than the Conservation Clear by True Vue for artwork? Do you think it's worth the price (about $100.00 for a 36 x 48 piece??
I believe it has the same rolled UV protection, thus would be of equal protection to Conservation Clear.

Of course, I am refering to the Conservation Perfect Vue. It does come non-conservation which is the same as Regular glass. (no added protection.)

Is it worth the price? Unfortunately only you can answer that. It has a different look. I know a framer that believes it looks "as good as Museum glass." I don't think so. Does it look "about $100" better than Conservation Clear? Sorry, that has to be your call. get hold of the sample set from Tru Vue and put them over you work. Or, get the sample display that shows all kinds. Or, go to a shop that has the sample display (M's for one sans-Museum).

Good Luck
I tend to prefer the Con Clear glass.... I don't think I'd pay that much for the Perfect Vue. But maybe there's just something I'm not seeing... Anyways, thanks, as usual,,,