Perfect mount...acid free?


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Feb 13, 2006
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Hi. I use perfect mount (the pre-sticky stuff on foamcore) for my drymounting needs (no space for a press). I have very few problems with it. However, I just ordered a box of 25 sheets and noticed that none of them say "Acid free" over them name on the release paper, where all the previous sheets have said it. I get my supplies thru LJ and when i called them, they said they were under the impression it was acid free and were going to call crescent today and find out (it was the end of the day thurs when I called them) but i havent heard back. I was wondering what you guys might know about this...
Does it really matter that much if it is "acid-free" or not? Whatever the chemisrty of the board or the adhesive, the artwork is permanently mounted to the board and only reversible through invasive methods.

It's sort of like drymounting to acid-free foam board. Why bother?
OK, neither of those answered my question.

And if you are going to drymount something, esp since it is permanent, but wouldnt you want to use something less likely to harm the picture over time?
Originally posted by PhotoKris:
but wouldn't you want to use something less likely to harm the picture over time?
There is the beauty of ArtCare Restore. However, you would need a heated press.

It is my understanding that Perfect Mount is buffered to a neutral pH, so it could be called 'acid free'.