paul cascio?

tom harada

Jul 22, 2006
Creswell, Or.
Has anyone out there taken a Paul Cascio class? And does anyone know why they (or he)calls him the "guerilla framer?" And finally, has anyone bought the framing DVD for $100. and is it worth the price?
Personally I find dog hair, kitty hair and other detridous to be a bother when combined with our static electricity being so near Mt St Helens.... I can only imagine how much trouble Guerilla hair must be.

Sorry Tom, I couldn't resist. Welcome to the Grumble. And if you happen to see Greg Fermsted, take that Cabernet away from him before he ruins any pants. :D
I took his 5 day class when I first opened my studio. Mostly I learned how much I already knew on a basic level. I still have my class project hanging in my shop; always get positive comments on it. The class gave me the confidence I needed at the time, but I came away feeling that I should have learned more. I haven't seen his DVD. But on the up side, I am still in business. A lot of good information in Picture Framing Magazine..and on this site, where I learn how much I don't know.
I think Paul's class is excellent! Sorry, I couldn't resist.

Hi Nancy - American Picture Framing Academy graduate of 2002. Glad to hear you are doing well and that you are continuing to learn. I'm sure you'll agree that knowledge is the most important tool in any frameshop.

Tom, feel welcome to call me personally at 1-888-840-9605, and I will be happy to answer any questions you may have and give you thae names and phone numbers of people who just graduated from one of our classes.

You can speak with them directly. Once you do, I'm certain you'll want to enroll. Some of our students, like Nancy, have some previous experience, but most do not.

We have classes coming up in a number of cities. Our full schedule is posted on our website at

As for our 2-DVD set, "How to Start Your Own Picture Framing Business," it comes with a No Risk, 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. Order it, you have nothing to lose.

It was also recently named Resource of the Month by the Professional Picture Framing Association.

My "Guerrilla Framer" collumn, which focused on the business of framing, ran for more than 10 years in Picture Framing Magazine. I stopped writing it after 9/11, but am considering bringing it back. You can find links to some of my articles on the school website and on PFM's site.

Happy framing,

Paul Cascio
The American Picture Framing Academy
Some days it almosts take dynomite to limber up Paul's voice and make his fingers apply the correct buttons...

Thanks for showing up Paul.
LOL, thanks Baer. Guilty as charged. I should be more active here...if only I knew anything about framing.

Paul Cascio
The American Picture Framing Academy