Pastel with no visible mat.


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Jun 23, 2002
Framing original art on paper (especially pastels) without a mat can be a challege to do properly. Using a large fillet was a good design element with this busy frame and also allowed me to hide a small mat and spacer.

This Lion pastel was fit with a 3/4" black rag mat and foam spacer behind the fillet,and CC glass.
19 3/4" x 25 5/8" Roma 53731 ($46ft)with LJ ($10)fillet 118895. Frame and fillet together are 4 1/2" wide.
$56 x 10.7ft= $599.2
mat & foam spacer $24
Mount $18
u.v. glass $24
Fit $16
Total $681.20
Thank you

Kit, the pastel on paper is hinged to the backing. I believe art should never be hinged to a mat, as damage may occur when the mat is lifted. I did not line the frame on this project because the art was at least 1/2" from the edge of the mounting board. I don't like to, but if I frame art on paper without a mat, I will normally line (seal) the frame, use a spacer, and try to fit the package loosely to allow the paper to move. If the paper is not strong enough to support its self I will also hinge it to help keep it flat.

I hope more Grumblers will post their projects.
Nice job! As a pastel artist, I can appreciate your efforts on keeping the art away from the glass. The fillet works well to visually separate the art from the frame.
I'll never forget the first time I saw a pastel in an exhibition without a mat. The piece had Denglas as glazing and literally looked at though it had no glazing at all. Ok, I know I wasn't supposed to.....but I had to touch it to believe it! Thanks for sharing.
Yeh Freda, that's why I love Museum glass so much. I once float framed some stamps between two pieces of Museum glass. It blows your mind. The stamps looked like they were floating in thin air. Every time I use this stuff, I am amazed. Sometimes I can't see the stuff on my glass cutter. Ooops, that was close.

I told the client about Museum glass for the project. She loved it until I gave her the price.
She almost went for it, but I did not want to push her. This was the first time she had used me for her framing. Next Time I'll get her.

I bet a lot of framers will not buy a box because of the fear they will not get their money back. I felt that way at first, but my first box did not last too long. The stuff sells itself.
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Just a few questions on your pricing...that's barely a 2.2x markup on that moulding chopped! Is that right?
Also did your mounting include Japanese paper hinges?
The frame looks absolutely beautiful on that piece, btw, I especially like it framed "up tight" like that. I truly think that a mat would have been distracting.