Paperweight to display item

Farm Girl

Mar 19, 2002
Centreville, Va. 20120
Customer would like to display the card she received when visiting President Reagan lying in state as a paperweight. Card is 4 x 6 and no standard paperweights come in that size that I can find. Has anyone made one or have any suggestions for making one? Thanks. :confused:
Call a full-line craft/art supply store. There is some kind of liquid stuff that you can pour into a mold to make your own paperweight...I'm not really sure what this is called, but I'll try to find out and get back to you.

I have never done this, but my husband's family used to collect shells at their beach house and let the kids make paperweights to keep them busy. It was still available as of two years ago. My brother-in-law was in charge of purchasing the products, so if I can track him down I'll find out the particulars.

By the way, this method is obviously not archival....

Good Luck!
I would be very careful with this one due to the liability.
Are there places out there who would provide this service for you?
I would be afraid of the paper becoming damaged or not laying right, etc.
I wish I had something concrete to offer you besides my fears...
Are you a picture framer or a paperweight maker? Why is this YOUR problem?
Customer has about 5 of these cards, so she is not concerned about nonarchivally mounting one. However, I was actually hoping to hear from someone who used moulding and maybe an extra layer of glass behind it to make it heavier or something along this order. A plain glass or acrylic paper weight would be the last resort.
Oh! I get it! :rolleyes: I'm a little dense sometimes.

In the past I have used scrap glass that I cut to the same size and stacked together with tape around the edges to make weights for hinge mounting. If you were to staight fit your postcards into a nice frame then fill it with scraps of glass until it's nearly level with the back of the frame, cover the back with glued on matboard or better yet, felt, you would then have pretty decent paper weight.