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I have an artist customer who wants to mount a large sheet of paper onto a larger piece of primed canvas then stretch the canvas onto a stretcher.

Is this fraught with any dangers?
What adhesive should be used to fix the paper to the canvas?
It would have to be hand applied due to the large size.
There are services here that mount vintage advertising posters to cotton canvas using wheat or rice starch, but I guess it would depend on the use of the paper once mounted. Is it blank and the client wants to paint on it? The starch method is reversible, but if the client started painting on it the reversal might not be timely.
Hi Ormond,

I have painter friends who use the wheat or rice starch to adheare the paper onto the canvas, but the paper must be of good quality and also stretched tight and the paper must be damp to get it stretched tight across the stretcher bar. The paper must be tight as you don't want any waves in the paper as it dries, and remember it will dry tighter across the stretcher bar.

There was a man at one of the Hughes's information night, (ask Jared) that brought in a stretch canvas, but only used brown paper to show us that paper can be stretched. Hope that helps you.

Talk to you later
I have worked with a Native American artist for years. She like this raw canvas exposed around the acrylic painted paper image. These are large.
Our solution was to sew them down around the edge. The artist now incorporates it into all her art. Red cotton thread stitches ( red Xs ) around the edge to hold the large paper to the canvas. Don't know if it is the solution for you but it looks magnificent on hers!
Why not just use precoated canvas, if you have a drymount press or heat vacume press Drytac has 3 different products for this application.
Drytac also now have a product by Hot Press - Dry Mount Clear which enables you to mount and textured artworks onto canvas or board.

I have used this 100's of times for canvas transfers - mounting photos and prints onto canvas. The process is done in a Hot Press Vacuum Press.