Paper Backing of Old Charts/Maps

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MGF, Master Grumble Framer
May 20, 2005
I'm sure this has been covered before but am having trouble digging through the archives. I have a number of antique nautical charts (1840-1860) which were issued folded as part of annual reports. Many of the other charts I own have been backed with (rice?) paper to flatten out/stabilize the folds. I would like to do the same with these.
Is Filmoplast R a good product to use for this application? If not what is the best way to proceed? This obviously has to be archival. Thanks in advance for your suggestions.
By your line of questioning you indicate a lack of expertise in the subject, so the basic response is to suggest seeking that expertise in the manifestation of a paper conservator.

This is not a job for most framers. The process of flattening, straightening and lining the antique nautical charts is best left to someone that does this for a living.

The folks at Poster Conservation offer linen mounting services (The linen is faced with archival paper)for vintage posters if you wish to explore that direction. Otherwise you can find a paper conservator in your area at the A.I.C. website.
Thanks for the info. I called Poster Conservation they do only linen backing. I will definitely keep them in mind should I need this service, especially since they are "down the road" from me in CT.
I actually do have some experience in conservation matters and feel quite confident that this is something I can handle as long as I know I am using the proper materials. I'll return to my qeustion about Filmoplast R - is this a proper use for this product? Anyone?
I definitely would NOT use any pressure sensitive adhesive tapes or repair tissue on these maps.
On my own pieces, I have used a very thin Japanese paper and wheat starch paste to reinforce weak, thin areas. I would not do this on a customer's piece, though, too much risk involved. I would find a conservator if indeed the whole piece needed to be stabilized.

edie the cya goddess
Your occupation is gm? Gentleman? Just wondering...

Honestly, your knowledge base suggests that your confidence is unwarrented. This is not to be rude, just realistic. I would not attempt to rewire my house even though I can buy the materials at Home Depot and I have a general idea of how it all works.

If you need to ask if Filmoplast R is an appropriate product to use on historic paper based materials, your knowledge/technical base is just not in place.

To spell it out clearly, no, it is not appropriate.