Papal certificate missing Pope's picture


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Jun 13, 2002
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This is the same project as the thread about removing stamps and surrounding paper...

The photo of the Pope came off this certificate and the customer wants (me or him) to find a substitute...

I went online briefly yesterday to see what I could find... this needs to be a "proper" portrait that will be cut into a 3 1/2" circle and they said the original had him in his deep red/robes, etc...

Any help appreciated, as always!

I just took one of hese in to be framed . Must be that time of year.
So far, every one that has come in had the photo unmounted and just included in the tube. That's smart since it would wrinkle when they roll it up.

How about Getty Images or some other image bank? I think that the local newspapers have access to this kind of thing. Have fun!

Wait - how did this become your task? No, did you let the words "I'll try . . . " slip out of your mouth? (I do it all the time ;) )
Contact a priest in your area. They can get it from Rome for you. Unfortunately, you have to take the "current" photo.

In a pinch, you could perhaps substitute this one.


It's as good-a-time as any to find out if your customer has a sense of humor.
Too funny Ron!

Gumby, could you scan a copy for Roz? I've also had these certificates in the past, but don't remember the Pope's photo being printed on any kind of special paper. If I recall correctly, it was a different paper from the certificate.
Roz ;I don't know how desperate you and your customer are but if you have the original tube and tissue that came with the certificate there is an International phone number on them for the agency that produces these documents. I belive it is something like the Pilatza Del Bruno ?I'll check the one I have at the shop tomorrow when I return.It's a lot of trouble but they would have the exact photo you need.
PS And no Father Guido Sarduci has nothing to do with it ,But I loved his skit.
I am in a quandry: Father Guido or the Pope... The Pope or Father Guido... hmm, I wonder which one the customer would prefer!!

Buddy, I do have the tube (another post where I am trying to remove the stamps with the stamped info off of it.. but the paper is very thin on the tube...)... that could work... Maybe I'll have the customer CALL Italy on his dime!!

Thanks, together we will solve this one!!

Or call 'em collect. "va" stands for "very affluent."

If you email them, be sure and tell them you got the address from Gumbogirl on The Grumble.

I find that opens a lot of doors.
be sure and tell them you got the address from Gumbogirl on The Grumble.
Oh, nooo Ron, that is code for "call security immediately!"

You have to know my real name to get past the guards :D

(one of these days I will learn to keep my mouth shut)
Roz ;unfortunately when i looked i didn't find that Phone number. But i could get it from a group of italian Nuns just down the street,if you really wanted it.
However I took a page from Gumbogirls advise and secured the following;
How to Receive a Papal Blessing
For those not lucky enough to be able to meet the Pope, here's a little tidbit many Catholics might won't know about: it is possible for Catholics to receive beautiful certificates of a papal blessing ("Benediction Papalis") for themselves or their families, for other Catholics, or for certain special occasions, like weddings or anniveraries. The matter of it is a lovely parchment, handpainted with calligraphy, design, the papal seal and signature; the blessing itself is invisible to the eye, of course, but the certificate is a beautiful keepsake and reminder of it. There are a few restrictions as to who can and can't get one and the sort of occassions one will be issued:
People for whom a blessing will or will not be issued
Any baptized Catholic can receive a blessing, but they are denied to non-Catholics, to the dead, to inanimate objects, and to animals.

Occasions for which a Blessing will or will not be issued
Papal blessings will not be issued to those wanting them on the occasions of birth (because until we are baptized, we are not Catholic), death, or the anniversaries of death. They probably will not be issued for events already passed, i.e., they will be issued for Catholic wedding anniversaries, but not for past weddings themselves.

They will be issued for such things as birthdays, ordinations, religious profession, anniversaries of religious profession, Baptisms, First Communions, Confirmations, conversions, and, as said, Catholic weddings and anniversaries of Catholic weddings, etc.

How to get one
To get a Benediction Papalis, visit your diocese's Chancery Office or Chancellor. They will have you fill out paperwork, answering questions pertaining to the sort of blessing you want, what language you want the certificate to be written in, what style of certificate you want, etc. They will need the full name of your priest, parish, town and country so there is witness to the fact that you are, indeed, Catholic (you can just call the Chancery's office and they will send you the papers).

The cost is around $40, the proceeds from which go to feed the poor. To be safe, allow 6 months to receive your certificate if you're wanting it by a certain date

Beware: don't try to get a Papal Blessing through the internet or some mailing you might receive: scammers are out there. Be sure to go through your diocese!

So contact the closest Catholic Diocese and see what they advise.
Van Zan I would have offered since I have a couple ,but there is a major problem. There are many different sizes and poses as well as shapes of photos so you'd have to have the SAME style certificate or at least the same colors with a way to alter the copy to match what you had lost and you may not know what that was.LOL.Especially since the photo fits inside a outlined opening.But that suggestion does have possibilities.
However I recently framed one that had a style unlike any I have ever seen before and down here in very Catholic N'awlins( we don't have counties we have PARISHES ,as in churches)we see an awful lot of these.(In fact I have two ,whose Caligrapy was misspelled (Mary and Maria instaed of Marie) for my wife and I that were given as gifts from a thankful nun and priest).By the way Roz what did that photo look like ?If it matches either of these you may be in luck.
All sorts of possibilities...

Buddy - I don't know the exact photo but the wife would like one where the Pope is in his deep red/burgundy gowns - and the circle it is to go in is a snidge off of 3 1/2"... That could work.

The original blessing is from 2000... if that matters! (They just want a proper photo)


Roz,I'm not at home,(Beau Rivage Biloxi,Miss.)I'll Check when I return.What shape?