Painting on Glass


PFG, Picture Framing God
Apr 12, 2001
Destin, Florida
OK, while I am throwing out weird paintings today to my friends on the Grumble, let's take a look at this one:


This was given to me by one of my customers a few years ago and I am just now getting around to finding out about it! It is a Bavarian scene painted on the back of the glass and appears quite old. There are places where the paint has lifted from the surface of the glass and there also are small spots where the paint has fallen off completely. (See closeups.)



I haven't torn the frame package apart yet and am reluctant to do so without proper guidance. I don't have a clue as to its value or collectibility.

Anyone have experience with these paintings?

Junk or Antique Road Show Treasure???

I have seen a couple with the same castle scene that were done on convex oval frames. They were about 16 X 20. The windows of the castle of one of the pictures was lined with mother of pearl. I repaired and repainted that one. It was very time consuming because I had to mix the paint to match the color of the original paint when viewed through the glass. Also, a person has to be quite dexterious to repaint the small openings - viewing the picture from the front and placing the paint on the reverse side from the back. The back is usually over-painted with a blue grey coating so you can't see any of the picture from the backside.

The pictures I have seen have only had sentimental value. (from my point of view.) The art is folksy, they are production pieces and they are very fugitive.

Ask me if I would ever repaint another?
OK, Mitch, wouldya?? Huh, wouldya??