Painted foamcore edge???


True Grumbler
May 4, 2005
I'm mounting a watercolor on a black background with a raised mat. All conservation materials of course. My question is, can I get away with spray painting black, the edge of a white acid free foamcore without recking the "archival-ness" of the package.? :confused:
I know you won't see it under the mat, unless you look sideways into it. I just really want it to disappear with the black mountboard.

Thanks, Sharon
Also, spray paint would probably melt the foam. Darken the edges with black gesso or black acrylic paint. Or just use black foam as Lisa mentioned!
Do you mean that you are mounting the mat onto the foamboard to give it some height? In that case, you could cut a reverse bevel on the foamboard to minimize seeing the the foam from the sides.
No, I'm using the foamcore as a lift for the mat, with a bevel edge on it. My local supplier only carries AF black by the case on special order. Next closest supplier, I'd aldo have to wait til next week delivery.(I'm impatient)
I have alot of AF white foam, So wondering what paint, if any, would be inert. Now that I think of it, I remember some threads about paintng the bevel edge of a mat with acrylic paint. Just don't know if I'd have the blessings of a conservationist!?

A safer method of darkening the side of the foam
board would be to paint it with acrylic paint.
That way you would know more about what is in the

I would recommend 8 or 12 ply black rag. All the conservation issues are gone. Production time of finishing the foam edge (gesso, sand, gesso, sand, paint) make up for the cost of the 8 or 12 ply and then some.
I don't know of any coloration of the edge that can be done that would be pretty. Consider using a black tape wrapped around the edge or black foam core.

Jack Cee