Painted bevels...


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Apr 5, 2005
Northern Baltimore County - horse country
I had a black mat with bright white core - looked silly. Thought, humm... maybe paint is the answer. Found some acrylics. Painted it. Let it sit overnight - wanted to make sure it would not swell right up. It did not and actaully looked very good. THEN thought to search the Grumble see if it was GC (Grumble Certified). As I read through the old posts I gathered that this is very common, folks are painting their bevels left and right.
My question is:
From a design perspective, can you give me situations where you are painting the bevels. To match the mat color ?(that seems kinda tricky and lengthy to hand mix and exactly match a mat color). Thanks.
Jody :rolleyes:
Getting ready to do 2 right away. I will be painting the bevel and adding a painted panel on an Olde Tan matboard. I will be "splotching" in a panel and bevel of raw unber acrylic so that it will have a "greenish" color. One will be a bull rider print and the other a diploma for our veterinarian.

I've also taken a white mat and added a blue panel with a red bevel - the possibilites are limitless.

It usually doesn't take much paint so I mix up a good quantity (so I don't have to worry about running out part way through) and when I get the exact color match away I go. I do painted bevels pretty much as standard procedure.
One of the funniest pieces I did recently was on three pictures for a customers bath room.
We have a feature artist, Beth Logan, who does wonderfuly funny, bright primary colored works. We used Yellow, Green and Blue metal frames. We chose mats in bright contrasting colors and then painted the bevels to match the frames. Very fun and they turned out incredible!

Paint bevels with matching French line.

Painted bevel is cheaper than another sheet of oversized matboard.... and a better match too. And just as fast.

Paint the bevel with gold leaf size and leaf away.
Can you take this one step further and paint a v-groove too? Would this require painting both pieces before putting back together? Would appreciate any thoughts.
But if you want it painted, put a strip of 811 removable tape down before you cut the v-groove. After you cut it, simply paint the line then remove the tape.