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May 8, 2020
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Hello, What product do you use for painting bevels? Gold in this instance. I do lines, but have never painted bevels.
Some people do it freehand. I was taught to use removable scotch tape. The tape was burnished to the front of the mat, so that the bevel cut would run along its lengthwise center.
After the window was cut, the tape would be burnished again, with a bone folder, along where it met the bevel. Then, after painting bevel and letting dry, tape was gently peeled away.
I've only painted several bevels, and the last one was years ago. A bit clumsy, so once CMC's came out, we just add another mat layer, of the desired color and width. When I did paint,
they all worked well, but the last one. I can't recall if it was Artique or Select, but when I went to peel up the tape, part of the mat came too. So, if you try this method, maybe practice
on a scrap. (And if you can do it freehand, you're a jedi.)
I do essentially the same thing but I use Yellow (delicate surface) Frog Tape.
I also use acrylic paints because they are thick enough to not give off moisture which can wick under the masking tape. Any cleanup can be done with a fine emery board.
The person to study is Russ Wood at Grey Owl Framing in Colorado. He has some online presence and is usually teaching at WCAF. He does all kinds of bevel embellishments including gilding.

If you do Calligraphy, the bevel can be painted using an appropriate width Italics nib.

BTW, its usually not a good idea to have the painted bevel touching the art, so a 1-ply shim mat can be added to elevate the bevel a bit.
Thanks Wally! I've been so intrigued by Russ' work for years... many years ago I purchased all the online guides... they're resident on some former laptop. Got excited to learn... and the time never came. I do need to hunt those guides down. Russ is amazing. I was going with an acrylic guoache... maybe keep it on the thicker side?
Watch this from about 18:25 - then watch it all actually, some things don’t change much!

I never masked off a bevel again after seeing this

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BTW, a belated welcome to the G. Seems you've been here a while...
What Wally said. One additional commend about the yellow frog tape is that on some very smooth surface mats and in higher humidity areas, the tape can tear the mat surface. So reduce the adhesion of the tape by rubbing the tape surface against your pant leg a few times. Remove the tape slowly, and if it seems to stick, use a hair dryer to soften the adhesive. I primarily use acrylics. If my mat surface is not smooth (such as some of those older pebble surface mats), apply a base coat of acrylic mat medium to seal the edges. Thin colors such as watercolor will not work with tape because they will bleed under the tape.
If you only want a single color, or an ink or watercolor bevel, buy some artist quality markers at the art store, and wipe parallel with the bevel. There are also some refillable markers you can fill to get the exact color you want.