Painted Bevel on a suede mat

Pretty hard to mask suede to paint the bevels because of the nap.

Either 1)exercise extreme care with no mask 2)see if the suede is available with black core or 3)mount some suede on a solid black board and cut that.

(There's probably a 4th choice I haven't thought of.)
8-ply solid black core, mount Frank's Durango, then cut opening.

Or use the expensive stuff, and paint the bevel carefully. If you touch the wet brush to the suede... it will blEEEEEEEED.
You could also cut a reverse bevel and put a black underneath it.
I've successfully painted suede mat bevels with craft acrylic paint. Instead of the removable tape that is good for masking paper/conservation mats, I use regular Scotch magic tape and burnish it down a little with a boning tool at the edge where the paint might bleed through. Carefully remove tape. If it leaves a mark on the suede just steam the mat with a steam iron using distilled water, and brush lightly with a bristle paint brush.

I'm starting to think that two coats of paint on bevels is a good idea. It gives a crisper line. Also, I cut the mat first and then put the tape on. Have tried it both ways, and this works best for me. I'm near-sighted and can see clearly where to place the tape.

Sometimes I lightly sand the painted bevels with an emery board if there's gloppy paint on the edges.
I have found that the best paint for painting bevels is airbrush paint. It is high in pigment and very fluid, so that it absorbs instantly into the bevel and yet covers well. Be sure you charge enough for it!
Ellen, thanks for the suggestion. I'll have to try it. I'll get some black to start with.

Do you still mask the edges and what's a good brand of airbrush paint?
Zig makes an opaque calligraphy marker that at the right angle it covers teh bevel in one stroke & does not bleed and is light fast!~
Originally posted by GUMBY, GCF:
Zig makes an opaque calligraphy marker that at the right angle it covers teh bevel in one stroke & does not bleed and is light fast!~
That sounds almost too good to be true!
Where might one find those?
I'm sure they are available from Cook's Art Supply in Canton, Ohio.


Dave Makielski
I've used Createx Pure Pigments with an airbrush and just held a mat board mask to the edge. The Pure Pigment covers in one coat and dries quickly. I have about 24 different colors and can mix to match. It also is more permanent (non-fading) than most markers which are normally dye based. I sometimes will use these to touch up frames. They can be mixed with any aqueous medium and are very intense in their color strength.

If I'm not mistaken, the ZIG markers are pigment based and would be "fade-proof".

Dave Makielski
Good grief! People! You are making it harder that it is! I have been painting the bevels for over 16 years, and I use the same technique for all mats. 2" wide, 3M, Magic tape on the mat before cutting, cut the opening, then burnish the edge of the tape down. Then you paint the bevel. Not hard.
On suede, I would make sure that I don't think the paint. The less water in the paint, the less it will bleed.

I have done Suede mats lots, and the nice thing is that if any paint DOES get under the tape, and on to the suede surface, all you have to do is wait for it to dry, and then use a blade to remove it from the top serface of the suede.

The main thing is PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!!! And then make samples, and SELL, SELL, SELL!!!
Thanks for all your help and ideas. Since this is an oversized piece,I think I'm going with the reverse bevel and 1/8" black core mat. I think that should give it the right look. And I will practice painting bevels on some small suede mats so I will be ready the next time.
Thanks again