Paint on a Natural Wood Moulding


PFG, Picture Framing God
Nov 21, 2005
Carson City, Nevada
I have 4 largish float frames to do, the customer wanted a light blond-type finish, but with one inch between the canvas and inner lip of the moulding to show, and what shows, to be painted black. Only the top of (about 3/8" wide) and outside (abt 1 1/2" deep)of the frame will remain light. I finally found the natural-wood float frame he wanted (he was very specific about it), and now have to figure out what type of black paint to use that will adhere and stay adhered. Brushing it on seems like it would show brush marks, spraying sounds best for an even coverage, but what type of paint and how to treat the already-finished wood first so that it will stay on?
Val -
Tape off what you don't want to be painted w/ blue painter's tape. Sand lightly to remove finish - - - I'd use Krylon brand spray paint, it'll stick to just about any surface.
Mike beat me to it... except I think I might only use a little steel wool to gain a slight tooth, and paint.

The "removeable" scotch brand tape, will give you a cleaner edge than the blue tape. But on the body, I'd blue tape it off.