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Nov 19, 2003
Orange County, CA
A friend in the packaging budiness has been advised that there is a special product called "glass mask" that should be applied to the glass of framed artwork as part of the packing process. Most packaging stores that I use just attach strips of tape across the face of the glass to ensure fragments are kept in situ in the event of breakage, but apparently this "glass mask" product does the same thing only better! Has anyone heard of this? In which case, do you know a supplier? My packaging buddy would appreciate our help.

Grazie e Ciao
I use this all of the time - I get it From Package Depot - colorado I think. They have a website - I think it is
good stuff, not sure where else to get it more local to you, but they also have the Picture packers that work great for shipping framed artwork.

Would you believe it, this stuff was invented in England in WWII, to use on windows of public transportation during the blitz.

Just a random bit of trivia from my overcrowded brain.
This brings up an interesting subject. I have used a wide masking tape that vinyl sign makers use for a transfer backing after cutting the signs and "weeding" of the unwanted tidbits of vinyl around the lettering. It comes in assorted widths from 6" up to 36" and is easily removable after the shipped art arrives at its destination.

I compare it to regular masking tape as 810 tape would be compared to 811 tape. It adheres well enough to get the job done but is easily removable when the time comes.

There is also a rubberized paint on product used in the autobody repair business prior to painting a vehicle. It is quite thick and is brushed onto a properly edge masked windshield or side glass on a vehicle prior to spray painting. When the job is completed, it can be peeled off in a sheet and discarded. This masking material would be something that could be painted on a frame glass up to maybe an inch away from the frame and would hold broken glass together if need be. It comes in gallon cans and can be bought from most wholesale auto supply stores and these autobody supplies trucks that go around to shops on a regular scheduled basis.