Oversize watercolor mounting question


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May 29, 2002
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I had an oversize watercolor come in for an estimate that measured 42 x 64 and a nice selvage. I figure we could mat with a spliced mat but didn't know whether to suggest 8 ply or not. I showed a 3" liner to be covered and stacked with a 3" moulding. UV acrylic,of course.

But my question is how to mount/hinge this. T-hinge, hinge through the back board? If I use the liner, how do I fit it in the frame without too much gap under the liner, use a fillet? The paper was stretched for painting, would I dare to use that fold around the acid free foamcore to fit in the liner?
The critical question is what do the edges of
the sheet look like? If they are flat, the simplest answer would be to over mat them and
use hinges or very strong edge strips. Conservation quality board comes as large as
60X104, and although color choice is limited,
such a window will help the sheet in shape.

Thank you for your comment, Hugh, The edges are unpainted and were stapled around strainer strips, it seems. I would either have to get permission to trim to put in the liner or splice a mat. (still need to look into the over-oversize mats)

I also want to thank Greg (Frametek) for the phone call. That was above and beyond and EXTREMELY helpful. Now if the customer just decides to take the estimate....

I want to thank the GRUMBLE in general just for being there when I need to search out answers and get my dose of 'warped'. I'm not a very vocal member but I am here many hours a week just keeping up with all the info and learning new things every day.