oversize movie poster


CGF, Certified Grumble Framer
May 29, 2002
Left FL for IL...
I took in an oversize movie poster mounted on canvas. I am questioning how to mount this.

I really don't want to stretch it to strainer strips if I don't have to since it is so large with little selvage, aprox 43x63. I was thinking of either suspending it sucured across the top or actually stretching like a stitchery on AF FC and pinning or attachEZ around. Since it is too big for an oversize mat I am in a bind.

My customer is quite understanding about the mounting problem and will accept any solution I come up with. Wet or dry mount is obviously out since this must be reversible.

We have a stacked frame with the acrylic between the frames for a comfortable spacer but no mat to hide the mounting.

Help. :confused:

I never understood the resistance to strainers but it you must use AFFC I would at least mount it to Flute board or Gatorboard to give it some tinsle strength...

It sounds like you have about 4 to 4 1/2 pounds of print and canvas to suspend. At that weight, I would want to secure with pins every inch instead of rice paper every 4".

But if there is 1" of selvage around, I'd still go with a strainer.