overlapping oval mat


True Grumbler
Jul 5, 2001
Aberdeen, WA USA
I have a customer who needs a mat with overlapping ovals. I can't design the mat with my imat (mat maestro); I can design it in my cadd program but the imat can't read ovals from the cadd. Eclipse adds show the mat I need. If this is a template in Eclipse, or Wizard, would it be possible for someone to enter my dimensions and send it to me as a dxf file? If I get it in this form I think the imat can do the cutting. Thanks.
If I understand the mat you're wanting, I can do that in Correl Draw and export it to a dxf for the mat maestro.

If you can send me the specs, I could email you a dxf or even a mul file.

Just make sure the subject line of the email has something obvious - like "Grumble" - in it. Or send it through the Grumble private email.