Over sized mats

Creative Crafter Paul

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Dec 20, 2005
Corvallis, OR
I have 3 orders due next week that are the biggest this frame shop has ever handled. They are all 45 1/2 x 60 3/4. I was able to get 4 oversized crescent 48x96 mats from my distributer. They arrived with some damage due to the shipping but are still workable. I got a good price break on them due to the damage. I am just wonder the best way to work with such large mats. I have night mares about bending the mats when we try to move them or getting them on the artwork crooked. we have 2 small work stations that are barely big enough for a 30x40. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

Get a bigger work station.

No, that's not a flippant answer.....

find where you can do the work.. even if that means buying a sheet of 5/8" ply to work on temperary...

just don't throw it away.... most odd-ball type of orders run in threes....

We do those oversized things at 7am on the design table... or standing up.

"take what works for you..."
Trick that works wonders!
Get a few cheap clean white sheets.
Assemble on the floor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The biggest problem that we have had with oversized mats is in cutting them on our 48" mat cutter. Contact a frame shop that has a huge mat cutter and make an arrangement with them to cut your larger mats.

Jack Cee