Over sized mat


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Mar 27, 2005
Hey there, I need some help or ideas. I have a great customer/ photographer I do quite a bit of work for who needs a mat 22x70. He would prefer 8 ply as well. I know I can get a 48x96 in white 4 ply, does anyone know of 8 ply being availble in that size.

Problem #2 I have a CMC and a 48" cutter so next prob, I don't see how I can do the job for him. I know most of the framers in the area and I can't think of any of them that has equipment to do this. Are there any co's in the supplier/manufacturer in our industry that would do this that I could farm it out to??

You can bond two white four ply boards together and cut as usual.

On my disassembled Fletcher 60" cutter I can cut (I think) up to a 64" opening without sliding the bar. The sky's the limit once you have an extra pair of hands to hold/slide the bar to the length you need. Someone's GOT to have a 60"er nearby...?

edie the slidingbar goddess
I never thought about disassembling my 48er. I have done something similair with an ancient Keetan that was 40" and you could fully open it and flip'er over. With two people you could do it. I have a Fletcher 2100 I should see about taking her apart...why not I've replaced kitchen/bathroom sinks and faucets. I can do anything! (I think)

Thanks a million
Yup, you can do it for sure, then, with your 48"er- Ive done it many times.

It'll be good for business, too, because once you have that puppy disassembled and strewn about the workshop, a whole wave of new customers will come in through the front door AT THAT VERY MOMENT. Guaranteed.


...for bonding ideas.

Good luck to you and have fun dammmit!

By the way, I charge for the two 4 ply mats plus a 'dry mount only' charge which happens to be about 1/2 the price of one 4 ply. I'd also add a bit more labor for taking the cutter apart...

Just fyi...
You should be able to get 48" x 72" white (Bainbridge) which would cut costs and waste.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you to all!

From me and my 48'er :D
Only problem with the 48x72 and 48x96 baords is most suppliers want you to purchase the whole case (10 sheets). As far as making it a 8ply...you can use super 77 spray to make one. make sure you use plenty of spray. Problem is though you need to have a press big enough to press the two sheets together. Don't drymount or you will see the seem of the two sheets. I'm sure you can use any kind of wet/spray mounting adhesive but the problem will always be weather or not you have a big enough press.
I have bonded the two together with acrylic gloss medium (my new favorite goop) and mounted them in bites in my heat press.

No seam has ever been seen on these.

I have not used 77 spray on anything for at least 20 years. Even a little bit of that spray is too much as far as I am concerned. I value my lungs. JMHO.

edie the breathingproblemsruninmyfamily goddess
You can use Nori, but I would mix my own rather than have to open a couple dozen 5gm packs. You don't need heat, but you do need to work quickly and get the boards under weight for a couple of days.
The suggestions have been great, much appreciated.

Which method would give me no seam, no discoloration and the least time weighting it down w/out buckling concerns ...the acrylic gloss medium in a heat press? Or should all methods be weighted for a good period of time to be better safe than sorry. Oh yeah and acid free

Steph, if your heat press is a vacuum... the gloss meium is fine...and just run the vacuum for about 10-15 minutes and the thing should be dry as a bone.