Oval-Master Oval Glass & Mat Cutter


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Jul 26, 2005
new mexico
I am wondering about the Oval-Master Oval Glass and Mat Cutter and whether or not it is a good product. I also would like to know what it is worth and if you can get parts for it. Would you recommend this product or another product instead? I welcome your advice, thoughts, insights, experiences with this product and its performance, etc.
Of your first five posts, fiove of them are Requests For (product) Information.

Here are some tips to more effective posts to give better odd of positive results.

If you know an acutal model number (like the Morso post).

If there is a particular vendor you are thinking of purchasing from, you may want to list them, as product support, parts and returns can be an issue.

If you are thinking of purchasing these items used, now would be a better time to state it. Age, condition mantanence greatly affect value and performance.

At this poing it is a good time to state your application for the products. Soemthing like: I have a small shop and am looking at adding some equipment.

Or: I am thinkging of opening a shop and am thinkging of getting these things as my startup.

Or: I do some framing for friends and want to get some more pro equipment.

Or: I have a large OEM and I want to know if this stuff will stand the perils heavy daily use.

Or: Whatever your story is.

It's all context. What is your application. What info do you already have. What info are you missing.

It may very well be that none of this applies to you. In which case just ingnore this post.

I will however respecfully request that any further posts where you wish to make blanket Requests For Information; just put the initials "RFI" in the topic header with your querrie. It will help to sort the clutter of repetitive posts.
Yes, welcome to the Grumble.

Marc is right so please don't take what he said in the wrong way. (this IS called the Grumble)
So, are you opening a new shop? Going to frame some stuff for family and friends? tell us something about yourself.
I read your posts and can tell you just wanted some information from people on what you listed. Hopefully someone will come up with the answers your needing. I think people just want to make your posting easier for you to get help, so please don't take anything personally. Of course it shouldn't make any diffence if you run a frame shop, do it for friends or whatever to try and get an answer. We are just curious. Pretty much everyone on here is friendly. I wish I had the items you are asking about so I could actually help you. Good luck to you and welcome to the Grumble.
Actually application does make a difference.

Like the difference between Logan and C+H (or Feltcher, etc . .) . Sure there are some professionals that swear by the Logan, but many regard it as a hobbyist, or entry level machine. (I can sense this statement will upset some people)

Application (hobby vs. pro or semi-pro) also makes a diff's in justification of expense. For example: While the CH Oval Master may be a good machine, if you are a hobbyist,it may be more machine than you truly need. A mean green gene machine may be better. Or the thingy from Bob at Cornersotne OvalArt. http://www.cornerstoneframe.com/ovalart/index.html
may be better, depending upon intended application.
6 lbs compared to 60 (or more).

For that matter, with more info about potential use, a CMC for oval (and square) mats could be an unexplored option.

As a general rule of thumb, the more clear you are about your use and application, the better suited the advice will be toward the product or products in question.

Just some helpful unsolicited advice to get better results for our fledgling grumbler.

We now return you to our regularly scheduled post.

Actually application does make a difference.
I beleive what you are saying is correct. There are differences in all those machines. However, they were asking about one particular machine, the C&H. I agree with you that cost can be a factor when starting out in the framing world and what level you intend to use it for. When starting out myself, some of my equipment I purchased was top of the line, but some was just enough to get me by. (some still is
) Like I said, hopefully someone can give them an answer on just the C&H, parts availablity. ect. I like Fletcher myself. And then there is that thingy called a CMC I would love to have. :D